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Hol up

Did you change the game at all? bc my game looks a lot different than the video

48 kills is my best lo

Love the game good job!


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The 5% furry in me keep thinking vore vore vore, lol nice game.

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Same lol

OH! dang i am stupid i was going for the carts right next to the starting area. lo

Hey could someone help me on lv 3? the instructional popups aren't poping up for me and I'm not sure what to do.

Thanks, yes i just wanted to Finnish up on the fact that the game is great.

Love the game. you are doing amazing, but could I add two things? A progression report when you are on the missions. like a bar that slides to the right the closer you are to the end, and way to restart at say the last dropped off and collected (people) station you were at rather than at the beginning of the level

Adorable game, love the art work the story design everything. Keep doing good! :

keep going to the right, that's not the end

go back

Don't look back...

Lots of room for improvement. The raids need to be a lot more spaced out, there needs to be a upgrading system to make things better, and let us rotate the camera for better building. The blocks need to be able to be destroyed when i want then too, and try differing soundtracks.

Well when you are trying to download it onto your xbox you cant find it 

I see instructions for a what seems to be Xbox remote yet i try to find tanuki on the Microsoft (in Xbox)store and i cant find it, is that because its not officially out yet or something else? Any ways love the game and can't wait for its full release, keep up the good work!