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I have no idea what this is, but it was really funny

Had absolutely no issues with the game, and it has become quite possibly one of my favorites on here!! I just can’t believe I JUST NOW discovered it. Oxenfree deserves more recognition for sure, it’s a masterpiece.

This is amazing!! I love monsters :) Can’t wait to see how far this game develops in the future


:D I hope you have fun!!

Funny as hell, but if you aren’t careful the jumpscares can get you.

If you’re having a bad day, just throw pizza at someone’s face

Simple, good for killing time. Would’ve loved playing this as a kid honestly. Snakes always have a soft spot with me.

Bro,,,,I always wanted to be a hot gay bro dragon

I’ll be playing this with my partner, they’ll be likely playing a nonbinary dragon while i’m the boyfreind!! :)) Hahaha this is basically everyday life for me at this point

Actually played this over Steam, very fun, especially if you like macabre like me! Please consider doing a sequel to this short story.

Office birb for the office needs

Heya! I draw myself and monsters are my main thing and boy, I have to say, reading this was so pleasant. This would be amazing to see put into an actual RPG, but in it’s bare form like this it’s also wonderful. All of the sprites are so cool, none of them can be directly compared to another and I think it’s impossible for me to pick which designs are better. If I had to choose a favorite i’d say that it’d be Space Thing or dragon. Wonderful flavor text by the way.

I can tell so much love went into this project, you’ve earned a follow from me for such talent.

Had to play through this a few times so I could form a proper opinion on the game. The concept is pretty well thought out, there were no issues running the game itself. I cannot stress how thankful I am for a filter toggle, oh god. Lot’s of games these days don’t include filter toggles.

Good game to kill time, the strategy is engaging. One issue I do have is that bosses can be a little hard to overcome as they can spam hits in most cases, or maybe I just suck haha! I know that it’s not impossible though.

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Alright, so this is a really simple concept I think but it works very well! Who doesn’t want to party with rats? Seriously? Cool to see other’s characters inserted into this project as well : ) you can distinguish which ones stand out the most, which rats have certain qualities that add to their personalities, which rats were based on the people themselves. You can always tell when someone really puts their love into projects like these.

I can feel the good vibes from here.This is a great game if you want to kill time and run around. There’s funny dialogue, puns, and a montage of mini games with a hint of memey-ness but not too much it is overwhelming. Pretty fun!

P.S.: I own a ball python like the snake in the game, I love it!

This was really fun to play, it is a nice short story! I got this game in the bundle as well.  I don't know if you are active here anymore but your artstyle made me feel really happy and the alien reminds me vaguely of Steven Universe! As an artist myself, finding something like this that hits close to home, to my childhood makes me feel warm. I look forward to seeing future projects from you if you ever decide to dabble in it again.

The story was fulfilling, I would love a sequel to this. Your art is gr8! You've earned a follow from me.

I got this in the bundle, it was a lot of fun to play! Really simple but fun. There were a few moments that made me laugh as well so that's a plus. It definitely took a turn I wasn't expecting, love the style. I am so glad you included pallete and screen size options, I cannot stress enough how many times i've needed these. Excited for the sequel!