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Mega Drive was made by SEGA. also known as Genesis. thanks for the correction. :)

'Mega Drive' x_x

thank you for correcting. :)

sorry, i haven't tried the game. i was looking for 'Sega Genesis', and 'Mega Drive' games.

'Sega Genesis' tag?

thank you :)

You are welcome. :)

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bravo! thank you for your continuing useful contributions to the gaming community.

'Mega Drive'?

may i suggest version numbers in the files? hard to keep track when i've updated indie games that are in development without it.


one thing i do know of. if you changed the control scheme in v1 it would mess up the title screen in a funny way.

kinda surprised that company (the other N-Word) hasn't taken this down yet.

on a site with uploaders abusing the hell out of tags, THANK YOU for putting "A GameBoy Color Platform game."

creators ARE making new game ROMs for older systems like NES, Mega Drive, etc.

success :D

thanks again

sweet! thanks :) i'll give it a try and report back.

Try 'RetroArch' + 'Genesis Plus GX'

Just found out the latest batch (despite Analogue saying 'no hardware changes on pre-orders') they were forced to change hardware. So if you have the latest batch, you will presumably only be able to downgrade to v4.9 or higher since the older firmware won't support the new bits.

Indeed. I think they call that a regression when you fix one thing, and break something else. I contacted Analogue (see my other post edit) and they said it will be fixed in a future firmware update. :)

I was told that JB 7.8 (Jailbreak based on 4.8) works playing from a SD card on the Sg. You could try that, or downgrading to OS 4.8 and see if that clears it. Don't know if using a Mega Everdrive has anything to do with the glitched audio.

It's not a hack. Read the description. :)

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Here is an example (v 1.1) on a 4.9 OS Mega Sg, Mega Drive x5 v3.14

Audio_Glitch_Video (sorry my XR1 refused to output video)

@Woodfrog, could you please contact Analog and report it to them? Perhaps it's an easy patch to implement. [edit] i contacted Analogue, and got a response. :)

Sound works on my cheap-ish MegaRetronHD clone though. 0_o Glad i can play it on that at least.

Homebrew would be too broad in my opinion. a subsection called 'Vintage Systems' that you could expand to all the old PCs, and Game consoles.

tags are so often abused here. lost count how many 'Mega Drive' and 'NES ROM' games i've come across that have NOTHING to do with Mega Drive/Genesis/NES. then on the other side of that coin... i only found Mega Man: The Sequel Wars because someone i follow added it to their collection. criminal to miss that one.

anywho, i played Alwa's Awakening (8-bit) last night, and my save from the demo was there! guess since both ROMS are named the same my Everdrive loaded the save for it. *note i didn't load it. started anew so i can't confirm it works or not.


Gotcha. The x3 is pretty affordable @ $40ish US. *pokes you with stick :p

I bought the x5 so i don't have to remember to reset before powering off (SRAM).

Thanks for replying.


if only would add NES/Famicom, Mega Drive/Genesis, SFC/SNES to the list of platforms. i suggested it in the forums, and a moderator had a hissy fit to the point i deleted the thread. x_x

just picked up the game. LOVED the demo. looking forward to playing!

Just checking in. Wondering if you have real hardware to test on yet? Hope you, and yours are doing well.

Just wanted to say THANKS for making, and maintaining this amazing tool. it's so nice to be able to dial in a TV/monitor for my AVS, Super Nt, MegaRetronHD, and for my soon to be shipped Mega Sg.


'Mega Drive' tag?

feels legit. struggling to avoid getting hit, just like the orginals. xD

thanks for the infinite lives. i'll get good at this even if it kills me. lol

nice work on this! very impressed.

thank you!

haven't played much so far. what little of 5_15 i did play, did enjoy. graphics are dark and gritty. love it. map and menus seem solid.

whatever direction you take, i'll be along to play it. downloading 5_19 now. :)


may i suggest numbering your bin files as you develop? would like to help with feedback/suggestions.

looking forward to this one. sounds like interesting game mechanics. any chance in the future having the version number in the ROM file name?


BLASPHEME! just kidding... downloading

incredible you did this in 48hrs with no prior Mega Drive programing knowledge. sure says something about your intelligence, and the Sega Genesis Developer Kit! here is it running. :)

Neat! Happy to report it working on a Mega EverDrive flash cart, paired with a MegaRetroN HD (Mega Drive Clone)

Game mechanics I like. Having to think to prevent painting yourself in a corner.

cheers :)

right on.  i hear ya on not having time. no rush. ;)

i noticed the EverDrive is reporting the 'Rom type' as '10M' instead of the usual 'SEGA-16'. i don't know what that means, or if it's related to the issue or not.

congrats on the release! downloading now...


You are welcome. Glad to help. :)

I hope so too.

Getting music, with a black screen in both my MegaRetroN HD/x5 EverDrive, and RetroArch/Genesis Plus GX v1.74 Emulator.

Hope to see a patch in the future. I love mine sweeper, and efficient code. :)