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very cool of you to support that emulator.

ditto! really liked the demo. would definitely buy it @ $10

you are welcome.

right on trying the PiePacker version. i really enjoyed the Comp submission on my AVS/EverDrive-N8 Pro. cool puzzle mechanics.

congrats on the release. 


well, the one that was submitted (and available publicly) for the competition was called "witchnwiz_2021_02_22_nes_dev_v_1_0_0.nes" if that is any help.

Compo forum/thread looks like it's down for maintenance .

ok, Broke Studios it is then.



i'm loving the game! purchased the ROM and playing via Everdrive N8 Pro/AVS.

i've been on a spending spree supporting indie devs/home brewers by purchasing physical copies (as well as ROMs).

are Famicom carts (EN) still planned to be available at Infinite NES Lives? i live in the US. i see broke studios says Q2.

thanks for your work.

any time i'm stressed gaming, i put on 'MOON8', or do some 'NESert Golfing' with my SNES mouse. :)


Sums up my feelings for this game too. Refreshing to have non typical music in a game. Every game session starts with Get 'Em Gary to try and beat my high score (181 ATM). Love it so much i bought two physical copies. One CIB, and one loose.

Well Done Second Dimension, Adam, Rob, and Brian!

Every dollar spent on  ̶r̶e̶t̶r̶o̶  vintage games, is a dollar that can be spent on awesome indie games like this for classic consoles!

If you haven't seen it, do check out Morphcat games youtube video 'How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes'. Imagine if "AAA" game devs did this? (would love to see what you would do with more space!) *cough Micro Mages 2 ? *cough

I'm ordering both a NES, and FC physical copies to play with my nieces on my AVS. :)

I think i speak for everyone when i say... I CAN'T WAIT FOR Micro Mages 2! *nudge *nudge, *harder nudge