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hey I enjoyed Casterbridge! I think we have a very similar concept with our game "Westernia". Although you went for a more serious presentation. Congratulations for the result!

hey good fun bashing some fascists! The installer of the game crashed for me, but then the game worked (Win10)

Nice art and conversations! I get your point at the end of the game about little decisions. But I still wish the game was shorter and had more decisions to be made so I could play it a few times and see the consequences!

Thanks for making the game!

the best short game experience I've ever played, congratulations!

probably the funniest resist game I've played so far! I'd change the font for Donald's tweets: it's a bit difficult to read and makes me lazy! Congratulations for the game!

I think we're going to focus on a browser version, fixed resolution of the game.

I guess we should have two bundles of assets if we want to support resolutions of top Android phones and browser at the same time. But I don't think we have the time this week for two versions of every asset.

So we will make a low-res, browser game. If we really like the game we can always make an Android version later.

I have just read the "Hardware accesibility" diversifier. We were planning to make a mobile game but maybe we should focus on browser?

Do you consider a browser more accessible than an Android phone? We are currently living in Vietnam were many people don't have laptops but many play games on their phones.