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Thank you a lot! I've been playing the original Zelda, along with Ocarina of Time. (Also downloaded a ps2 emulator, and the original Fallout, been a lot of fun!)

Also, after I logged into my OneDrive, it just takes me to a blank page (I checked the HTML, there was nothing there, so it wasn't a loading error...)

The link

Should I be worried about any viruses? I'm pretty cautious about these things...

Good website for getting ROMs? (Or however you get ROMs, I'm new to this stuff)

Good to hear!

Great game though, no visible bugs and great game play. Will up-vote!

Actually, there are many more spelling errors.

In the shop menu it says "Decortion" instead of Decoration. Not sure if you care, but thought it might need changing

What do the workshop planets look like

(Right click in google chrome, then click "Translate")

Your planet will explode in 15 minutes! You must save the Earth's population. To do this, you are given a spaceship. You can fly within its solar system (generated randomly each time).

We wanted to find a planet, the most suitable for living people on them. Planets must contain oxygen, water and soil. Initially, not all planets known information. To do this, you need to reset the bot on the planet, which is within 30 seconds will collect the information about it. If otstvuet some of the required components, you use generators Oxygen / Water / Soil. They can be bought in special shops, located on-workshops planets.

Some planets are already occupied by other civilizations: Dinosaurs, aliens and space pirates. The first simply to destroy, for the devastation of the planet. In other cases, you can act differently:
1) trade their people. Sell pirates in slaves ($ 0.2), or to sell the aliens for biofuels ($ 0.3),
2) destroy their tower.
Initially civilization friendly to your vehicle, as long as you do not shoot at them.

WASD has - movement
SPACE - to fly to the planet
F - to lose people
Z - (reset) bot
X, C, V - reset generators

Thanks for translating :)