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Some of (maybe even outright) the best art and animations I have seen in an AGS game. The effects during some of the transitions were truly special. Hats off to you for making such a beautifully evocative game.

The art style is great! Thank you for making this

This was fantastic, the music was great, and the radio show was excellently produced. I thoroughly enjoyed it

Fantastic job - I would *love* to see this expanded. Really really great little game

I really liked this game, found myself singing along at the end...great job!

Very cute game!

This is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love it!

Very fun game!! I wish dating were that easy tbh but it was so extra I loved it~

Just finished this, enjoyed it a lot! I would have loved for the characters to have been built up a bit more (particularly our protagonist) but the narrative was really quite impactful. Decent stressful gameplay as well, though I eventually found myself pouring and chatting just like bartenders actually do. Great job. :)

I cannot describe how much this game meant to me. Each character resonated with me in so many different ways it's scary. Perfectly sums up the Asian experience (and especially the Asian queer one). Thank you so so much. I love this so much. <3

Hey girl, rat piss.