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Ah! I see! I'm just blind af.. Found bell in the forest park as I was helping the succubus in her dire situation. 

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well, I am trying to find Bell.. and looking it up, she'd either be in prison (not there), in the abandoned park (not there), or in transylvania surrounded by incubi. But Transylvania don't exist in LD+, so where would she be? Unless I'm just blind...

Edit: I'm using Lust Doll+ r34.1 (in case that info is needed)

Now all I really wish for is an android version. For both TL games.. as my pc has been crappie lately. I need a new computer entirely. For now, I'm stuck with mobile versions for anything..

oh that's something I can do! I gotchu fam!

Exactly! You don't have to like girls with the full package 😇. Everyone has something they like that is out of the norm.. Like, I like Futanari and Monster Girls. (The Monster girl part is more from an artistic perspective, as there are so many possibilities with Monster girls. It just so happens that a lot of people like to draw them nude and/or f♡ck them. Prove me wrong! I dare ya! 😊)

Also, idk I am allowed to here, but I got an idea.

Maybe you can select from different types of Tentacles? Like, one is a basic "penetrate" tentacle, while another type specializes in nipple simulation? Or maybe a tentacle that mimicks the target, but with a tentacle sticking out from the crotch... Have the target take their big membered doppelganger? Idk.. just some ideas.

Hey! I'm in between jobs right now, is there any free way to support until I can provide real support?

I saw cheats mentioned.. where do I find the codes, and how do I enter them?

Also... I love this game! Especially the customization.

(Question. Would it be possible to include a futa option for possible customization?)

But that aside, GREAT game so far. Ba da ba ba ba I'm lovin' it! XD

Question! Is it possible to include a futa or two?

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oh! I got an idea. 

Maybe you can befriend a single member of each species?  You name them.. then you can either invite then (one at a time) home to date and stuff? Idk. Probably just to H them. But if not at home, they become a chance encounter in the wild, where they might gift you an item they found wild roaming around, then you can H them, invite home, and maybe spar.. a mock battle that doesn't GAME OVER if you lose. They'd grow with the player. But have the same strengths and weaknesses as the wild counterparts.

Idk of that would be remotely possible.. but what. It's a thought. 

(Edit: I played this a year ago and deleted it to clear space.. I don't remember much, typed this as it's unzipping, so idk if you do get game over's or whatever else I got wrong)

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Actually.. these all look like they'd be characters in a visual novel.  Could that be what all these games are building up to? Tease each character in their own respective games, but the top 10-15 come together under a single 2.5 GB download link?

Am I reading too much into this? Maybe..

the 'All-in-one' package idea sounds great. As when I'm scrolling through games, at least one result of each page is one of yours. And try track down all of them would take a century. 

Do these work for MZ too? Or just VX/A and MV?

oh. Any game with "futa" in the title is like honey to a fly. Its REALLY enticing.. and when I start playing, that when it sticks. (If that made any sense)

Ooh! (Love the fast reply) I just love futa for how they are a"Jack-of-all-trades".

And I struggled for too long to find Futa focused games.. as the only good ones I've found are made through Rpg Maker. Not to say Rpg Maker is bad, buut I'd like to play other genres focused on futa. Maybe a retro-styled adventure game? 

Idk. Sorry for dumping a bucket load of brain candy. I get real into this topic, as I hope to see more of the rarely used tags. (Futa and Monster Girls, are rare to find..)

Are these monthly waifus part of the same game or separate games?

I love artstyle. Its pleasing to the eyes. Would you ever consider making a visual novel using these futa characters? I personally believe that there's a a lack of Futa centered/focused content. Like some games contain futa, but that's not enough... you know?

Would it be possible to stumble upon passerby's who would "help her our" rather than stop her in her tracks? Not everyone would stop an exhibitionist and her dreams. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.