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I got it in the bundle as well - loved it too :D

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I love these kinds of games - following the character and seeing the journey through getting to know themself. Beautiful games completed in just over an hour. Thoroughly recommend - not enough games are in these style and protray such emotion and self-worth. 

The art style and music is just beautiful!

I just wanted to feed the cat, man, I don't know why I got so freaked out with the corridors. It's a good game, but I only made it six minutes, and I swear two minutes of that was trying to figure out that instead of using w a s d, you use the arrow keys instead, oof. I love the art style, and I'm sure the concept is amazing when you're not alone at night. I also have two white cats (as well as a ginger), so I know I'd get upset if the cat died :((((

Ah, that makes sense. The art style is very intriguing to look at, so I'll give you that :)

Funky music, cool art style, but you literally do nothing? I know you have to wait ages for a bus, but it doesn't even let you wander round. You just press space and then stand in the middle of the road?

There's lots of small details that I quite admire. It would be more interesting if there was more ways to interact with the items around you - I know it states 'it's not really a game', but the small things like being able to interact with the fishing rod would be nice, or with the books on the stairs, as there was a lot of stairs. Apart from that, I love the art style, and how you can look out above the water and into the sky at the top of the lighthouse. The telescope was a nice touch too.

First try and I got $920.52. It's a cute, quick game! It does get a bit repetitive, but the art style is certainly unique and cute, as well as the music being fun to listen to!

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As someone who has lost a sibling when we were both teenagers, I had high hopes of this game, as the grief is still very raw. It's a cute little game, but didn't really tug at my heartstrings in the way that I thought it would, considering the positive messages from others.

I get the concept, but the small things like the animation of the walk when going up slopes was a bit off, and the subtle black line above the character when they're stationary.

I would recommend it as a small and quick game to play, as it does take less than ten minutes, and the characters are very sweet with the unique art stye, so that's a positive too.