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how do u use da shield?

why do the black ones kill u

u can use trees instead of walls and they are free, no rescources required

No problem!

here are the project files, id appreciate it if you gave me credit, but its not necessary.

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i cannot get more than one bullet in my scene, i need help, someone tell me how to make more than one player able to fire bullets that show up on both ends?

try it out, though ive only played it with my brother and a random person

never mind, you did in 0.0.5

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i made a platformer, but the position updates make it less fun

edit: with the new update, it looks less janky, let me know if you want the project files

and maybe add the ability to have faster updates

it does that sometimes

you should add the ability to share whether or not the object has been flipped horazontally or vertically

I love it, works PERFECT!!! Except one thing...

You need to add tile collisions. Like the ones in tiled, where you can select certain tiles, give then a tag, draw a custom hitbox(if the default square wont cut it), and export into the game platform, where it will detect and use the collisions.

Here is the gdevelop forum on this, in case you want proof people need this

so how does the "no multiple of same objects, use shared string" work

that would be false

but his name is link, not zelda. )-;

there is no .json file for me to open. how do i import to gdevelop.

unless im daft, obviously.

never mind, it does

is this a platformer multiplayer? I want to know before i download.

dude, at first, i was like, there is NO WAY its working.

5 seconds later... 


he takes forever to stop talking at the end


Using This for a new golf platformer im attempting, Thanks a lot!!! 

Its a little hard to control the burger dude. 

Its okay, the videos dont go over the concept im trying to figure out anyway.

Thanks!! Ill try it out as soon as I have some time.

how u fly?

its litarally impossible

well, i hope it gets added soon, because my 3d modeling "skillz" feel like their getting wasted.

can you give the link to your game?(if its published on or liluo, if not, thats ok)

Also, Im making a really cool maze game with this extention, its not finished, but you can still try it out. click here to play

is there a possibility of releasing a few free examples, that show really basic function? The videos are kind hard to follow, cuz there is no speech, and i have NO IDEA what some of the values youre changing do.

Cool, i think i did the same thing, only in top down, so im guessing you tween the y value in side mode, instead of the z value in top down. Thanks for the enlightening info!

how did you do the jumping thing?

Is there a possiblility of making different climates, Like Snow or Desert? That would be nice. And if not, i can edit them myself, if thats OK.

is there more tilesets similar, but free? I want to recreate one of my old games