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Congratulations on your new game! I will take a look for sure. :3

Can I have a link to your tumblr account though?

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I have finished 3 three different endings, one with Kazashi, two with Sakiko. All paths that I had chosen were ending with plot twist actually. Personally, I enjoyed all of them. The most shocking was the Sakiko's (SPOİLER ALERT***) homicidal ending. 

 But my favorite was Kazashi. I have seen my insecurities in her. Thank God I had gone through a break up before playing this path. Otherwise I would build a fucking cell in my house or something.

I am thinking about playing Yoko's path too. Let's see what that little gangster has got.

Finished. That was quite impressive. I could feel the afford you have spent on this game. It was pretty plesant, and that plot twist caught me off guard all right.

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Okay, as an old fan of your work; I'm back for this babe. I downloaded the game, and about to play it. I'll be back when it's finished. But before, girl, what happened to your Deviantart account? I can't find it. I was loving it. :ı

I liked it. The fact of your stories is every single one is unique and original. 

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So here is my honest thoughts:

1. My favorite is Sakiko (I had to go back and make sure of her name. I am terrible at remember Japanese names), and I didn't really like Yoko. (I hope it's her name.)

2. She looks cold, but she is sweetheart inside. I like the way she is. Yeap.

3. I find her lame actually, she keep being rude and mostly passive aggressive. She barks, but she don't bite. She is trying to act like a savage, but she is actually not. 

4. Well, she is a sharp character in some ways, but not too sharp. I like the logical part of her.

5.  Inner voice of Suki parts could be less I guess, You didn't really mentioned stories of that four girls, but probably you will in the full version. I hope they would be interesting as Bowie and Adolf. :3

6. yes!

7. I liked the game, really. But I will be having hard time while playing it, because of the japanese names and their extras (-san, -senpai, -kun, ect...) . No offence please. ;-;

9. Yes, why not.

10.  There will be a ending with Kazashi too, rigt? There must be!  And I feel irresistible desire and curiosity to know about her inner world. I assume she will be deep and sorrowful. 

Sad fact, she was woman of my dreams...

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Right after this I played "The Devil's Alleyway", I am a little confused, is it a demo or short story of a interesting night? And yes, now I will play The Ilness Called love. And I will let you know with a feedback. ^^

Why didn't you let me be with Roxy? WHY?! So I could face with my ex, and say "I fuk ur mama boi"

That was better than I expected. Stories were pretty original too. I am protector of a rapist now. Don't know how to feel. Anyway, great work indeed!