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thanks dude <3

Thanks dude, but. 

1- it is the intention of put the dash hability on my game, if you know how to use it, you can broke the game and make speed runs, if you don't have experience or are bad playing, you can use other things.

2-yes, i think it, but in some keyboard layout the wasd have problems :(. so I decided to place those buttons.

3- the concept on the game is "you are a parasite and you need to kill the normal people to scape from the lab", and you are the bad and the guards are the good's ^^thanks for playing and the comment dude

Thanks  dude <3, i need polish somethings and made the controls more intuitive ^^

thanks dude <3. Yes, I need to make everything a little more intuitive

yeah, i need fix some level design and improve the dificulty curve. thanks dude ^^

thanks dude   ^^. yeah the animation of the player and the enemy is just code. 

Thanks dude. Ok i will fix it. And yes the idea of the game is remembar what is was super meat boy 

yeah, i see the problem of the time after i send the entry :( so sad

yeah, adjust the time are in the to/do list for a future version 😅😅 y see that error when i test the game after send it. Thanks dude

hi dude, this is my game. Is a short and arcade, enjoy it uwu

hi his is game, is a short arcade game u,u enjoy it

hi, my game is short and cooperative haha, if you play my game it would make me very happy

:0, good job dude

done ^^

done ^^

done ^^

i can't open the game :(

(1 edit)

great game dude ^^

The art are ugly, but the game feel is amazing, good job dude <3

good game dude, i dont know where the theme is, but good job uwu

is for the screen resolution :(, i cant see the menu

a cute little game, goob job dude

i cant start playing :(

BAM! hahaha, good game dude 

oh, ok, ok. when i have time i will play it agai <3

Thanks dude, yeah i think use mouse to point. But i prefer do the game for all public and make it easy to play with just the keyboard.


the game looks cool, i dind't quite understand how to play it, but it's fun ^^. good job

done owo

done u,u

done u,u

is a simple but cute game u,u good job dude 

is weird... but weird != to bad, good job dude <3

done u,u

done u,u

done  dude u,u

done e.e

done ^^

i can't see your game with that link :(