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I miss them

Sebastian here. You did a great job.

they added what

Nintendo ain't gonna like this one...

Heyo! Thanks for taking my suggestion about the cat earlier. You're a real one.

Would love to see more done with the cat

Discord emotes

Nami I'm going to put Treat in Miitopia and you can't stop me

So uh

anybody know where the face portraits are stored

This looks really fun, too bad there's no translation.

Okay yeah I could see that happening if they wanted to keep doing it

Literally everything ever is malware.

Hey Nami, I have a few questions about Treat:

What's her favorite color?

When's her birthday?

What's her actual job title?

I mean we all know it was totally Manju right?

Can't wait for the next one!

Yeah, pretty much everyone I know wants to smooch Treat.

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Nami, I just want you to know I'd totally smooch the crap out of Treat.

Cursed. Upvoted.

You somehow made a tiny story with a dress-up game. Well done.

No prob, just tell me when it's done.

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Toffee end isn't working, and yes I've made the ultimate sweet