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I think a tank only level would be good. Now that you have the mechanics down, you could change up the modles or damage of the guns and add them to the attacking or defending team.

new tank looks lit. I saw it on instagram.

no problem thx.

the new mp40 model looks soooooo much better, cant wait to see what comes out in the future.

I cant waIt to see the future of this game.

Please add a quit button at the main meno because I have to force quit every time but I am having a lot of fun. The 0.3 update is so much better than the ealier ones because I feel like the ai has became a little bit better with their guns and I dont always destroy them.

Keep up with the great work cant wait to see what comes next update. 

P.S. If you keep updating this I believe in a steam release.

windows version anytime?

well I cant wait to see what comes in the next few months.

I love this game its really fun but I kind of with the ai was more difficult and that there could be more ai on omaha beach