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I can see RM_v3_6 file updates on my feed, but they don't have a post I can reply to, and the main game page appears to still be suspended. Hopefully this means it's coming back to!

The next version is already up on Patreon

You can't save during story sequences, but you CAN change your resolution and windowed options (and also exit the game without ctrl-alt-del) in the Escape menu. Hit the Escape key (outside of story sequences) to see it.

If the game window is not active (for example, you're replying to a comment), when you click back on the game window it can select multiple actions simultaneously. Such as, choosing to go Outside and also initiate a conversation with Summer, who happens to be standing behind the travel button you're clicking.

This breaks the game.

If you Never mind out of the conversation, you're taken back inside, but the Map no longer functions. You cannot travel until you exit the game and relaunch.

At the Smith Residence, travel to the Basement (Mindblowers). This is the bottom-most travel option (scroll down)

Right now

Thank you for pointing out the gallery. It's not clear in-game that you should scroll down that list of buttons.

The quest button on the phone doesn't tell me which quests have been finished, and they're not in any sort of order. A lot of them have no icon, so whose quest even is this?

I wish the game were open source so we could just fix the bugs ourselves.

  • Somehow triggered a Pickle Morty sequence with no setup. Included Jessica talking as Morty, and Jessica appearing with multiple layers of clothing images simultaneously
  • Buying the bracelet at the mall doesn't put the bracelet in my inventory, but it is still usable
  • A lot of "To be continued next patch" quest notifications are for quests that WERE continued
  • A lot of quest notifications have no icon, so no idea which quest they are for
  • Truth or Dare ends with "We can play more next time" but there's no more (is this one "continued next patch"?)
  • The "Keep your promise" sequence has several straight up missing words. eg "You think I should your father...?"
  • And did I mention the word substitutions? corporate -> cooperate, etc...
  • Can't exit during a sequence
  • Can easily accidentally repeat a sequence when it looks like it's supposed to be the next sequence (but isn't)
  • Can't skip through sequences you've already watched
  • Can't save/load during a sequence
    • Some of these sequences are LONG
  • Can't save to a different slot?
  • Only one save slot means you can't save before scenes you'd like to revisit
  • There doesn't appear to be any other way to revisit scenes either (like a gallery)
  • Some annoyances
    • Have to click on someone to find out of there's new actions
      • When there's not, it's SEVERAL UNNECESSARY CLICKS to get back out
    • Can't see which missions are done or which still need to be done
    • Tracker can say someone is in the bathroom, but nobody is there
    • LOTS of problems with Messenger
      • Slow to exit
      • Can message people out of sequence
      • Can't see previous messages
  • MANY spelling/grammar issues. So many. Way more than you're imagining. A lot of wrong-but-similar word substitutions too (choking became chocking, poking -> pocking, planning -> planing, were -> we're, thrust -> trust, off -> of, etc)
  • A few bugs
    • Wrong person talking
    • Wrong background (going to the school gym when it's locked, see the bathroom)
    • Suddenly continuing without clicking
    • Skipping scenes entirely (the first potion scene is referenced as if it happened, but it didn't)
    • Skipping scenes accidentally (the plasma missions for Rick or talking too much on Messenger)
    • Scenes out of order (such as interacting with Morticia before that character has been introduced, or messaging people you haven't met yet)