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good game

i beat the game but im so confused


best game no question

please mac version

Could you make a Mac version?

I've tried alot of methods but i think its probably something else on my mac. (I have alot of free disk space but I dont think that means anything about the lag im having)

I have one more question, is there anyway how to turn down the graphics a bit? (OBS lags my mac alot so when I record i get like 20 FPS)

Thank you! It works now!

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It has exactly the same error message. The only difference with the new one is that it says "Doghouse (Mac)" and the old one just said "Doghouse".

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It says that its "damaged" and wants me to move it to trash. Have any idea on what that means? (I've tried downloading it on two different browsers  and each time it says its damaged.) (The browsers are Chrome and Brave)

Is it working? (not trying to rush you or anything but,) just asking.

Do you know if the Roblox test is still up?

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Thanks, I appreciate your kindness!

Think you could make a Mac version?

sad game.. made a vid and as you cant tell by the thumbnail almost cried but its really good lol


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Made a vid on it, games really good! Kinda spooked me! But would be very scary in a dark room at night! warning: im cringe lmao

Is it possible to make a mac version? Not sure if yu already have because im new to but, i do not know how to check if you have. Nice game though, looks good!

I have a slight problem. Not with the game, its just I cant play it. My mac says that Oceanwork has been damaged and cannot be opened. Looks like an epic game though! If you think you have a solution, please reply. Thanks!