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hey hey! I was just wondering if i could have some hepp with something^^"

So my android phone is a galaxy j5 prime, and whenever i try playing Mino Hotel, or any other vn, whenever i get to the part of naming my character, i can never get past that. I can type in my name but i can't progress past that point. Any possible help you can give me?

(Sorry for asking for help here of all places, but i really wanted to be able to see what the new Mino updates had in store ^^")

Im already loving this! There are things to improve, sure, but all in all this vn is looking great! The mc and Jamie are honestly my faves haha!


dont tease us like that!!!  

I was wondering, does anyone else want a Cooper route or is it just me? And if you do how do you think it'll be like?

Aaa! Thanks so much! That helped a lot! Also i can't wait for the next updates! I'm really intrigued by what's gonna happen next on Rune's route! Keep up the amazing work mate!

Awoo mate! I was just asking cuz i forgot but what type of doggo is Burry again?

I love the game alredy! I really wanna see more of these boyes!

I love all of the characters! Just really wanna know more about everyone!

I loved every single second of this VN! The models are really good and i loved the characters and their personalities! Can't wait to see more!

i have to agree, his "weapon" argument is really compelling xD

This game is lovely! I lived every single little bit! The dream sequence made me laugh so much! And i just couldn't help but love all your characters! Well... i still got a little sour because of Teak but that's fine, i'm sure he was just stressed ^^" and Rune is a certified good boi knucklehead, i love Thistle too! I can see myself chatting with that old dog constantly ^^ and Max is a really good boi too! What i'm trying to say is... all of them are good bois and you are a even gooder boi for being kind enough to make this game! So yeah! This is my review i guess ^^"