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I recently played through Dimension of the Machine which sets a very high bar for Quake add-ons. As a result I'll admit that at first I thought Episode Enyo needed a little more time in the oven; it's possible to soft lock in several locations, and some of the enemies and introductory levels felt a little unbalanced.

HOWEVER, by the time I finished, all doubts had been unequivocally blown away. This is a really interesting and cohesive vision; player character, enemies, weapons and environments are expertly crafted and have made me curious to see more of the world of Slave Zero X. Especial kudos to whoever made the soundtrack; that thing slaps harder than Enyo herself.

Thank you for releasing this very generous total conversion, and for even sharing the soundtrack for free. Looking forward to the release of SZX, and am very curious to see how the player will be interacting with Enyo.

A very sweet summery game for the winter months. Chase butterflies, run through dandelions, bark and dig; you know, dog stuff. Took me three runs before I fully completed it, but at only a couple of minutes per run, it's worth it to feel like a very good doggo.

 Saw this covered on @ZlimbratskiYT and had to try it for myself.

I've played this for around 17 hours, which is probably above average player engagement. It's longer than I've spent with many games I bought for full price.

There's no way I'm ever beating the lord of 5-5 but I certainly enjoyed trying about three thousand times.

What are your plans for this game?

Came here via @Zlimbratski. Sci-fi silliness of TimeSplitters meets old school Wolfenstein 3D gameplay.  Really enjoyed my time spent chasing down Cross and will definitely keep an eye out for future updates.

I tried to play through carefully so as to never shoot an unarmed man. Well, except for those couple of times I did by accident... with the Trench gun! Brutal and compelling.

This is some mighty fine work N4bA. I marvelled at the graphics, I trembled at the sound design and I fired my gun wildly and in blind fear. Oh yeah and I got a little bit funky at the very end.

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Accomplishes so much with so little. 

A true masterclass in understatement.

ATTENTION horror creators, play this game, and take lots and lots of notes.


Great demo for a very promising project. Yes you have definitely nailed a 90s aesthetic in all aspects. Man, what's that word for nostalgia towards things that never existed? Will stay tuned.

Super cool demo, really nicely crafted locations and great use of light and shadow. Candlelit balusters are terrifying!

Sorry to hear about the publisher, I have saved the Kickstarter link and am sure most folk who stumble by here will be interested in seeing more from this project.

Best wishes for you and the team.

A hint of a teaser. Cool lo-fi world like being inside a 90s cartoon. I dig the cardboard cut out style character models. Would definitely be interested in seeing more, will keep an eye on.

Bright but silent, colourful but empty. Nice little world to build upon.

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Thank you for my tension headache. 

Couldn't find the "Actually F@#* this, I'm away off home" button?

Left a quick review and will definitely be checking out some more of your wares. Simultaneously oppressive and impressive.

I sure am glad that shadow person is lurking over your shoulder, it keeps them away from me.

Lovely atmosphere. By lovely of course I mean horrible insidious oppressive atmosphere. 

As my grandpa once told me "remember my son, never crawl into Hell's sphincter".

That anyone can conceive of an idea for a game and then create an end product within very limited time conditions is quite incredible. 

This was a fun little five minute diversion with a clever mechanic, a solid gameplay loop and just the right amount of peril. Lovely work.

Always a treat to find a new upload, I do enjoy exploring your five minute universes.

Happy New Year sequence running...

No install via itch app...

I sure wish I had checked this out before the Kickstarter campaign ended!

Great demo, frantic and fun. Lovely old school charm, just hard enough to not frustrate and blisteringly fast like Sonic used to be. Congratulations on getting funded, sorry I missed out.

I have wishlisted on Steam, am following you on Twitter and yes, I bought the soundtrack too. Every little helps!

I think I found the solution:

Dad Bot, Pitch:110, No Glitch asking "Would you like a cup of tea?"

I win, right?

Nice atmosphere, lovely pixel art, great sound effects. Story is fine, dialogue is perfectly understandable considering English is not your first language.

I didn't try letting the fire go out, or letting my character go hungry, because I wanted to protect her. I guess the message is "Be excellent to each other." A charming departure from my usual FPS sessions. Thanks for uploading this.

Rest in peace little swallow, I sure hope having your head crushed with a rock was how you wanted to go.

Does anything look more dead than a dead bird?

Don't know if I'd have it in me to truly do this, but I'd like to think I could do the right thing.

Well gee, that was wholesome and delightful. If I had to rate this game, I would say it was.. ... .... AWESOME!

Nightmare community » Questions! · Created a new topic Full Game

I purchased a copy of the full game after I bought the mega mix sampler of all your games. Is it possible to install the full game through the desktop? Doesn't seem to be an option for me. Game is super fun but I think long term exposure may cause ocular bleeding.

So when I try to install this through the app, it tells me "this title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website"??

Can't install via app?

At once utterly charming and delightfully whimsical. Best enjoyed with a nice cup of Earl Grey. Surreal imagery and a very dreamlike narrative. Quite incredible given the constraints of the platform.

Whatever became of the Steam release?  Think I remember activating a key but the game was locked?

Now I know.  Thanks DarkGriffin.

Just wondering, if I buy the "demo disc", will I qualify for the Steam key for Power Drill Massacre?  Are you planning on bringing any of the other games featured to Steam?

Excellent. Purchased my copy, I look forward to trying this out.

Okay, so if I purchase this game NOW, do I still qualify for a Steam key?

Cool little concept; love the ambiance.  The German word "Weltschmerz" comes to mind.

Thank you, that worked.  Look forward to playing.

Won a copy of the game on IndieDB, but the key isn't registering. Putting the url into my browser just leads to the homepage for the game.