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This game to me, was difficult to pick up -- but so hard to put down. I didn't think I was that invested in the game until after it finished and I think about it occasionally.

Such a good game. Amazing voice acting. Story gets a little obvious at times because every character at some point goes: overshare time but amazing game. Eternal Christmas was fun-- wonder why there were suddenly new characters (in fact, I'm complaining about the lack of them in the whole game-- lookin at you Crow) but can't wait for the second game. Hope it comes out in VA + shows some more awesome minigames.

Fun mini-time sink (:

Such a damn good game, touches on interesting topics, interesting social dialogue and concepts. Gameplay is relatively fun too, a little confusing at times - it was even nice to play out the story knowing the likely ending. It have been nice to see other endings, and I think the future self is vague enough that it's easy to sympathize with them for nearly everyone.