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thank you I'll try to use that :)

nice! i drew a swastika.

so great! this is actually so good!!

this was made using g develop 

I would love love love love to play this but i'm on mac, is there any way you could make a version for mac? if you don't want to that's fine.

make for mac

i enjoyed this! idk about the walking around part of it I found the inclusion of animals into it a little weird too, but boy is the gameplay fun!

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I am so far enjoying this game! I found the sprite art style for the people a little hard to get used to but I grew to enjoy it. I really like the vibe and the music.  I'll edit this when I'm done!

please im begging you unironically do this no shit i need this

wait fr?

is it possible to get with todd while using he/him pronouns?

Wow! just wow!

this is a threat i am not joking

make this for mac or I will find you

I haven't played the game, I've played escaped chasm and the whole melancholy but vibey vibe ring the whole experience has is based. If Temmie had a patreon or a kickstarter I would surely donate as her games are destined to be great!

I have found it annoyingly hard to get anything but the "bad ending" the fact that you have to listen to the same thing over and over again adn that there is no skipping button makes it even harder. It's cool though, has some real good potential!

fuck you

make this shit for mac i wanna play gay shit the quest for autism.

please unshit my pants now

happens to me too when playing on a Macbook Air. Sad because it used to be able to work but in these past few months it's stopped working.

it's such a touching game


it's not working for my mac... I love your games. every one is built with so much atmosphere and your style, I dig. I'd love to play it but I'm having challenges playing it.

really it's looks soo good but bruh is it ever hard to use the controls. jumping is near impossible and the climbing and punching is the only thing that is easy to use

great game but the controls are really hard, not sure if this is only on mac but i have to press space many times for it to work and shift too

Reclaim Earth community · Created a new topic Loved it!

I love how it feels really open world and not that you forced to move along, because that really takes the fun out of it. It's really nostalgic even though i didn't grow up with doom and Wolfenstein in the 80s and 90s lol. I think the enemy designs are creative but what I love the most is that It works for my mac. I have a mac with a pad instead of a mouse, it's very hard to find games that work for it, but this is just great. :) I hope that you continue to explore on this idea and maybe one day make it into a full game!

not everyone has a mouse y'know

that's it

Hitler that tsundere

it doesn't work for mac... which is a bummer because I love the idea!

very cool idea! i really appreciate how it is compatible for mac because most other games aren't.

I'm having trouble downloading it on Mac.