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10/10 thank you!!!

up top it says mother but in the game its landlady????

didn't even finish the demo before deciding to buy it. going to need to do a lot of new games but Cece my mine girl for the first one

i need a spoiler! can i still get Chloe if i dont take her home after the party????

new to this arnt you? if you don't like this then I would avoid many others with the tags like this one. not all are like this one but there are many. I could even recommend something with less kinks if you like. but please keep the shaming out of the comment section. you will find few friends in the erotic game community in general if you don't.

oh but it is and im glad i got it! cant wait for more!!!

I Am super excited for this!! I know it makes things a little bit more complicated but adding more freedom and choices is a decision I don't think you will regret in the slightest. Oh and Nook is best girl!!!!!! I miss Nook And I'm still worried about her!!! 😭😭😭😭

Please take all the time you need. pets are not pets there family so do what you need to do for yourself and him.

WARNING ITS NOT JUST SEX THERE ARE FEELINGS!!!!  Not that that's a bad thing. In fact so far a very big positive. It's clear that talent and care was taken into crafting the different personalities of the girls. I haven't finished so far so I won't give it a rating yet but so far A plus!

will there be no more updates?????

i got 0.13.2 and cant get vr mode (quest ) do i need the other one for VR?

same and on my new gaming tower. i went ahead and shredded it. 

So excited and can't wait for the next update! Also yes!  I'm still very worry about best girl Nook!!!!

im having a similar problem. ther was more last time i played

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Well I downloaded it a couple of days ago and haven't finished it yet but I've done enough to think I should do a review. First I'm not sure what I was expecting from this game I was thinking it was going to be generic Maybe. But it definitely isn't. I'm not sure if the dev made anything before this game but it's almost like an amazing fun adorable story masquerading as something generic. The character development with each of the girls is worth exploring and paying attention to with each one of them having their own lovable personality. They're not all lovable at first but soon you'll love them all. 

I have to say the way things are structured is amazing too as you continue in the game and more things are available to you. The way the scenes and characters are put together is structured very well. Things will connect in ways that you don't see possible and team ups you didn't even know you wanted. The creator of this game should be very proud of themselves and they are doing a very good job creating a wonderful fun story. I always say the real test to a good erotic game is to have story and characters so good you forget you're playing an erotic game. I can say without a doubt you have definitely succeeded in that and I look forward to seeing your progress.

Well a little update I just made this review but this is a little disheartening. Download the new version does not update your existing app but reinstalls the whole thing separately if you're on mobile. I've already put several hours into the game and I would hate to start all over to experience the new content.

Just getting started and already have high hopes. I'm playing on the mobile version though and I noticed in preferences a taboo mode that is disabled at default. I keep trying to enable it but every so often if I check it it's disabled again. Has this actually not been added yet or is it just a glitch with the mobile version?

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Maybe I'm just stupid but can somebody explain to me how to install the security cameras or how to do something as simple as doing the laundry got these items that I paid for and no idea how to use them in game.

Edit: I have solved my personal surveillance camera mystery but still things like what you use or how you use the laundry detergent still allude to me

And I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my comment. It's always a very good sign when the creators take time to listen to their fans and interact with them. You are definitely on the right track no doubt about it.

Okay I just reached chapter 6 so I'm going ahead and posting my opinion. First the critiques. That's the easiest mostly I wouldn't mind seeing some more choices to at least give some interaction with it even if it doesn't really affect the story. Having enough player interaction could make or break any game. Couple of places here or there that some typos need to be fixed on but that's not a big deal. Finally the positive. The story is interesting and freaking adorable along with the characters.  Every time you think you have a favorite girl a new one gets introduced and boom you have a new favorite. Most of them are so sweet and the dialogue of the main character is great as well. The story is very well written and I have to say a great job has been done in crafting each one of the characters unique personality. Looking forward to much more to come.

I don't know who I love more! That best friend angle is done so well tho! Wife is the best kind of freak too!

Well there are a couple of typos that I noticed mostly at the last fourth of the game. But the characters are fun and silly the story amusing while sucking you in. It's surprisingly short I feel like with the path I took at least which ended up with all three female companions the story could have gone on another hour or two almost getting to know the third character. Maybe someday I remaster is in the future for this one where some more mini games and further content with the whole gang together.