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Update: I found the signmaker and I love it.

{Spoiler warning}

I love this game. The art is amazing, the music is calming and helps set a mood well, and the writing is excellent.

(I absolutely loved finding the sea serpents and realizing they were lesbian)

I have seen beyond the door, and I know about the knight and the accident.

I am one of the three of my people that were not frozen.

I am the traveler.

I found the knight slayer, who guards the eye.

Is it possible to find the mapmaker?

Thanks, I loved your game.

I'm stuck at the three digit combo. I believe the answer has something to do with the numbers depicted in the paintings, but I really don't know.

I thought the game was good, but with the lack of any direction or route to follow, I find myself becoming constantly lost and walking into blue gates everywhere. I might just have too little patience V(*-*)V Great game.