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The voice of The Visitor and the art style ties the novel together beautifully, which I think makes the experience more enjoyable. I like how each choice can lead to different dialogue, something that I don't find often in some visual novels. An amazing game! Definitely will be playing more of your games!

A flawless game with plenty of jump scares and surprises! The transitions between rooms and hallways were outstanding and the puzzles really made me think. I only been able to get the 1st ending, and trying to figure out the computer's password seems a bit impossible (at least for me). Despite that, this is an amazing game!

This is so awesome! I love the art and battling scene, but I felt like the battle was a bit long and repetitive. I think adding some more dialogue options would help, but it's just my opinion (and maybe just my run through)! The demo is very promising, and I can't wait to see the full version! Can't wait!