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Ah, Xform.... So many of my great childhood games that stuck to my mind were made by this one company.

I really loved the games i used to play on Shockwave, and one day i felt like playing those again. The first one that came to my mind was Burnin' Rubber 3, so many rages, cries, tears from that game, but that's because we had a garbage computer, but somehow that game stuck in my memory for years over the others.

I'm really happy to see these people try and bring back the Burnin' Rubber series, and I truly hope and wish that they will never become lost like they were about to. Please don't stop!

I'd like to also ask for the reason that so many old and great games of peoples' childhood are just, well, nowhere... It's really sad to see these games disappear without a trace and reason. And it remained that way, it was never explained to us.

Thanks a lot Xform, you were a big part of my childhood, though without me knowing it.

With respect: