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Your games just keep getting better and better i cant wait to see what you do next time :D.

Not going to lie this game made me rage so hard i almost smashed my keyboard...5/5

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This was pretty amazing 

Loved it :D. It was fast and very scary just the way i like it.

Well this was horrifying even if the monster was chasing me down in a T pose.

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Yet another amazing game and It's even better than the 1st keep up the great work :D -

This is a very unique idea for a rage game now all it needs is more levels and its perfect :D.

Pretty cool game and i love the ambiance all it needed was a enemy that can actually hurt and were good to go :D 

You know a games good when you scream so loud your neighbor comes over xD

The atmosphere was awesome just wish there had been something to actually make me feel like I was in danger.

The only thing that scared me was how fast this game was xD Nah but being serious this game was pretty cool and if the monster can actually kill/chase you in the full release that would be awesome :D

Amazing game i loved the atmosphere and ambiance not to mention the monster had a perfect entrance lol.

Really liked the game it had a creepy video throughout the whole play through and dont even get me started on the atmosphere lol. The monster wasn't too scary but i freaked me out tremendously when it started teleporting like crazy xD. 

Check this out to see the full play through :D - 

Hi i put your game in a compilation and i played yours 1st :D.

This game is very unique i thought i already seen every idea until i found a game where you legit go mass genocide on everything xD.

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 3rd game i played :D

This game had me laughing really bad until the monster came out hes WAY too fast.

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 2nd game i played :D.

This was probably the weirdest game of all but really funny lmao the horrible part is i didn't even die to Guy Fieri I fell in the ranch pit xD

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the last game i played :D.

Now this game had me raging a lot lol the video was only about 3 minutes but i spent about 7 minutes just trying to get the hats of the two solder ants lmao.

This game is amazing the ambiance is fantastic and the monster are horrifying sometimes xD

I just wish that I could have seen some of the rare monsters but I was just stuck with the jelly guy, some fly guy and I don't even know what the first monster was lol.
Thanks for the awesome game it was probably the best game so far but I'm still looking forward to 6 am at the Krusty Krab :D.

The "Ill take you to tomato town" video shows up about 2:40 in the video lol.

This game has an amazing story, creative art, and a beautiful ending if done right. 

Not to mention the perfect soundtrack legit the first 5/5 from me great job <3.

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Not going to lie i went into this just expecting another generic horror game but this actually had one of the best (and saddest) stories i've seen all year so far.  Awesome job this is going to be the first video i don't edit anything out off.

Hi i put your game in a compilation and it was the 2nd games in the video.

Idk what it is about this games but i REALLY like it it got a little too repetitive after about 3 days but still props to ya :D

Hi i put your game in a compilation it was the 1st game and i gotta say i like the graphics :D.

Just wish there had been a cut-seen for not getting out on time lol.

Hi i put your game in a compilation it was the 2nd game :D

I like the idea of the game but it still needs some work the game was glitching out everywhere and i cant really be scared of a model that dosent move.

But still its a very nice idea and i cant wait to see what the update looks like :D.

I loved the game had perfect ambiance and had pretty good graphics :D.

However i broke the game on my 2nd attempt and was able to sleep through the whole level with just 1 hallucination near the end.

I also made a video of your game i hope you like it :D.

An excellent spin on Pokemon :D.

The game did break the first time i played it but after that it was pretty cool lol.

Btw love the lavender town music in the background.

This game was awesome!!!

I wish i could have at least beat it once but i love the spin on animations outside of a pizzeria xD.


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This was a pretty funny game that spooked me a few time but slowly got funnier as time passed xD.

Why do people always make a character that supposed to be scary or old with just a random women model every time xD.

Still i had a lot of fun thanks for the awesome game :D.

Hi, I put your game in a gaming compilation :D 
Hope you enjoy.

Really a unique type of game i couldn't figure out how to win but i did enjoy it.

xD this game had me cracking up and it fits perfectly in with my type of videos ;D.


XD amazing game it was perfect for my video :D.

Loved the game it was perfect for my series however after getting only 3 bokks the teacher is way too fast and my stamina doesn't regen in time.

I made a video of it hope you enjoy ;).

i've already played all your other games so i though why not play this one xD.

It was awesome looking forward to the new game your making ;).

How do you even come up with something like this XD.