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Loved the game Gemzel!  Got a review up for you, can't wait to see more!

616 Games, you did your thing on this one!  Loved it from start to finish, also glad this was the first game to my new series!  Can't wait for more.

Loved this game!  The jumpscare had me screaming!

Much love Spring Rabbit

Spring Rabbit delivered some heat with this one.  Thanks for making a sweet and interesting indie game!  You've got a solid patron right here.

loved this game and would definitely love to see more!

Finally made a video on this game.  Honestly was a great time!  I'd love to see more!

Definitely looking forward to it!

I love all of the games you guys make.   This one is no exception.  Can't wait to play more! 

I played this on my new series of 8-ball Roulette.  Awesome jumpscare lol 

Played this game halfway in my series and i loved the Suspense it brought.

Loved this game.  Scared the mess out of me with the Fathead impostor sticker lmao 

Part 2 on this game was sweet.  Love the Survival mode @Sentryturbo.  

This game was so much fun with my friends.  I finished a video on YouTube if anyone is interested!  We hope to play this game to the end Soon! Thanks to @SentryTurbo 

That is actually crazy lol.  I'm excited to see your stuff take off!  Sorry for the hold up on servers because of it though.

I played this game recently and thought it was a lot of fun with my friends.  I posted a short clip on my TikTock and will be making a full video of it soon. Thanks so much to the DEVs on this game 💜

Love this game <3 Thank you Robbie Fraser

Loved playing and editing a video for this game!  I'll definitely be looking out for more games by CRUX.