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A member registered Nov 14, 2018

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After playing your new update (v.1.10.0) I have some ideas for improvement:

An option to mute the background music, but still keep the sound effects on

In my last post I mentioned a problem with the hitbox of the sheep when using the bag. This is still the case, but only when the sheep is eating. As soon as it lift its head, I can retrieve the wool without problems (I don't know if this is intentional, but now you know).

I haven't tried online mode yet, but it's a very cool feature! The change to resource farming is a clever choice as well, it removes the spamming element of the game. 

Keep it up guys! 

I had some friends play the game, and they enjoyed it too

Very small bugs discovered: 

- The wool is sometimes stuck under the head of the sheep (hitbox is blocking)

- Steelbar got stuck underneath the sorting machine and was unable to retrieve

Thanks for a good experience, would definitely recommend to others :) 

(Godt arbejde gutter)