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Thank you very much for taking the time to play and give us feedback !

You can add a language in the windows settings that uses the AZERTY layout (for example French) and you can then switch back and forth using Alt+Shift or Win+Space

Sorry I know it's really inconveniant :(

Thank you !

Nope never heard of it. Might keep an eye on that thanks for the tip !

Hi ! Thank you so much for giving our game a try and for giving us so much feedback. We appreciate it a great deal ! 

I agree with all your criticisms and that is what we are aiming to improve next year. I'm glad that you think it is a good fundation cause that's basically what we aimed to do. And we did it in the span of just 2 months so for now, as far as we're concerned that's a win ! 

We're going to keep working on that game next (school) year and yes we would like a much more systemic approach for the gameplay. 

Thank you again for taking the time to play and give feedback, it is truly valuable to us. Have a great day !

Yeah that's a bummer and we're sorry about that :(

But thank you for playing and for your feedback !

Hi ! Thanks a lot for giving attention to our game ! Indeed it was our first game jam as well as our first game and we're aware of all the weird and quirky stuff about it that you pointed out in your video. But we're very glad you enjoyed it anyway ! 

About the weird keyboard layout, ZQSD is actually our WASD on our french AZERTY layout and yeah we didn't think about offering an alternative (and didn't quite had time too to be honest) so sorry about that.

By the way the part where you tried to pronounce our names was hilarious haha !

Génial ! L'idée marche vraiment bien avec RM et c'est très interactif pour un jeu narratif. En plus c'est joli.

T'as vraiment bien maîtrisé le truc selon moi, l’expérience est satisfaisante (sauf peut-être pour ce qui est de la saisie de texte). Ce qui est vraiment chouette c'est qu'on a pas forcément l'impression de jouer à un jeu de jam type proto/démo mais plutôt à un genre de prologue au jeu. Et ça me donne envie de jouer à la suite !

Prix de l'innovation technique.

L'ending cachée a BLOW mon MIND.

Incroyable, je n'en attendais pas moins du T

Superbe ambiance et dialogues prenants. Dommage que la fin arrive si brusquement. Mais compte tenu que le jeu a été réalisé dans un temps plus limité que les autres, ça reste une très bonne expérience ! 

Bonus pour les illustrations !