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Mundane stereotypical horror game tasks simulator

Wow, i can even smell this game, absolutely crazy, all in a good way of course

City catapity

Very neat little game

Generally i don't play Visual Novel games, but this one got me hooked! Please release on steam when available! (Maybe?)

Ah yes, drinking beer, the most important feature, love it :D

Cute little game

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Brazillian guy should rob the player

What a terrible excuse for a game


Behold, a masterpiece

Truly one of the games ever

Adorable little game, loved it

What a pile of garbage lol

Just go around the citadel :)

Great atmosphere!

Pretty fun and funny for what it was

Not a problem for me, keep up the good work!

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I found this game really funny, and neat atmosphere, easy final battle tho

I'm sorry but i found this game very funny, but enjoyable, cool little gam

Really cool :D

Really liked the atmosphere

Unfortunately the game doesn't work, pitch black screen only. Is there a way to play in windowed mode?