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LMAOOOOOO He´s so adorable

damn you guys are young

This fact that this game is free is a damn steal, thank you for that

Yup.... I died too when i came to know... But i came to life again because, well at least it's another reason to keep on living, i've gotta play this, they're prob gonna release more content for the demo tho i hope

Prob 2025/2026... I wonder how long the full version will be... don't die until then lol

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You guys are absolutely crazy good in the field of visual novels, the early steps are aways the ones that get to me and aways my favorites since they remind me of my own childhood (Which was extremely fun), and it gives me so much nostalgia i can barely hold on, and this nostalgic feeling will probably go on most of the game right? (at least i hope), specially with the whole coldish-cozysh-autumn feeling, i truly love it dearly... Hope everything goes alright with u guys, wish i could help but just can't, however when the full version comes out on steam i will def help with what i can lol 

I'm waiting more for this than Gta VI, cheers people

Not as interactive as i really hoped, but ok little story and cute characters, got the good ending first try since it was really easy piecing together the plot, still cute little pass time, can't ask too much for a free game, which in that regard, this is a pretty good one

Cara ficou incrível, direção de arte está ótima, e a escrita é praticamente perfeita, o mesmo vale pela escolha da trilha sonora, tudo combina perfeitamente, espero que todos envolvidos no projeto estejam orgulhosos, ficou lindo

I literally cried from nostalgia remembering my own days of infancy and teen days, especially my child days which were, just like portrayed in this game, extremely happy and memorable, and the way you guys portrayed the early days was indeed very accurate, it was almost like a window to my own past, epecially when i relate a lot to the Mc, Cove (well at least i see him as the Main character), Thank you all for making this little story, will def be purchasing some of the DLCs, and i'm sure i will be felling the same, if not better, about Now & Forever. 

Please take care everyone...

His facial design is really cool and refreshing

Thank you for making this

This one is so adorable and nostalgic, makes me almost tear up, the full version will be awesome

Apart from the girlfriend being really egoistc at times, i really liked the visuals, some moments here and there, also the ending, are kinda cute

The part were he went on to his day to smoke weed and never to be heard from again was relatabe as hell, beautiful masterpiece

What a beautiful and refreshing game to see here on

The moment when you play as the monster was extremely refreshing and creative, specially considering the current state in Indie Horror, well done bro

Way more grim than i expected... loved it!

The monster is Jerma lol

Really funny translation tho

Mundane stereotypical horror game tasks simulator

Wow, i can even smell this game, absolutely crazy, all in a good way of course

City catapity

Very neat little game

Generally i don't play Visual Novel games, but this one got me hooked! Please release on steam when available! (Maybe?)

Ah yes, drinking beer, the most important feature, love it :D

Cute little game

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Brazillian guy should rob the player

What a terrible excuse for a game


Behold, a masterpiece

Truly one of the games ever

Adorable little game, loved it

What a pile of garbage lol

Just go around the citadel :)

Pretty fun and funny for what it was

Not a problem for me, keep up the good work!

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I found this game really funny, and neat atmosphere, easy final battle tho