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I wish the problem were that simple. Unfortunately, it does the same thing even in fullscreen. 

Unfortunately no luck with any browser on MacOS :'(

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The game is not playable on Chrome MacOS, as much of the mouse cursor position is offset. Do you know if a download is available? I love your other stuff.

I loved every minute of this. The storyline is unique and immersive. I cannot wait to play more! I've got a girl to rescue!

I did some research and I was able to get it to work using a different unzipper than the built-in one in MacOS. Getting ready to play now! <3

Hey! So when you're building for Mac in Unity, you should be able to specify the architecture you want to target. This is found in the build settings. See Unity docs, first section titled "Target architecture": you want to make sure you target both Intel 64-bit and Apple Silicon (the silicon option is for M1 chips). This way you can ensure your game will run on Macs built after November 2020. Cheers!

Are you able to make a build for M1 chips? :'(

Is a MacOS version coming soon?

This game is a whole vibe. It gave me so much inspiration to start creating games similar to it. There needs to be more games like it.

I loved playing your game. It is so unique and fun. A breathe of fresh air for us casual players. I look forward to more!