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Gotta say I hated it in everyway possible (in a good way of course). I only p.t style games & this 1 was fun.

Tho I never really played any of the Fanf games or fan games this was really fun. Tbh I know some people might see it as an easy expreicne due to the fact that the game gives yous a few chance to recover/not die but I really appreactate the lenient nature of this. Again this was FUN!! 

Gotta say I've never been interested in the concept of meat cake but after playing I'm defiantly confident that mean cake may not be for me... also cool game.

Gotta say tho there isn't too much in this demo I still loved it. The only question I have/wonder is what type of horror game this will be. I can't tell if this will be a survival Horror like RE or more in the vain of maybe Outlast. Regardless FUN FUN FUN!!

Tho this was short & in some aspects didn't have too many options when it came to paths still I love this & GOD IS BARRET ADORBLE!! 

Really cool; I love visual novels & horror games so seeing both combined into 1 is FUN!!

Gotta say I HATED THIS for all the right reasons of course. God this was scary; tbh I haven't had this feeling since I played "The Forgotten Tunnels" all in all tho... good jib. 

Gotta say tho I wasn't expecting much coming into it it got me good plus the umm "cough demon dog cough" was... interesting to say the least BUT good good. 

Gotta say I love the black & white style & honestly with the music it's kinda nice when you get DEEP DOWN!! 

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Gotta say this was pretty cool. I really like the concept of replaying over & over while slowly getting more options at hand. The only thing that kinda confused/annoy me was the fact that the driver = me & stranger = you (nvm the naming thing makes more sense the longer you play so I take this complaint back). Just seemed confusing when I was getting dialogue from both at the same time tbh. Other then that I loved it every step of the way. 

Gotta say I really like this; the only real complaint I had was that it was kinda hard to tell when his was on the upper floor or lower floor. If it case of "I'm bad" then nvm but if it's not then it should be work on otherwise it might feel a little BS tbh. Regardless tho FUN FUN FUN!! 

Tho it was sadly short I had a lot of fun screwing around in this little game of yours.

Coffee Coffee but no this was pretty cool ngl I enjoyed it, what I did not enjoy was getting jump scare FOR  GETTING THE PASSWORD WRONG!! Great idea, hate that I didn't know regardless FUN.

As a tycoon style game must say I do LOVE THIS. Pretty cool; tho I haven't done the "endgame" yet I still had fun with the hour that I spent messing around in it. 

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Tho I'm not the biggest fan of maze type games (simply because I suck at them) I gotta say this was cool. Though I'll admit it did irritated me just slightly still it was FUN!! 


Hiya, just wanted to say this was a fun fun small little horror experience to play through. 

To be honest I've never had so much fun messing around with a game before, THIS WAS FUN!!

Hiya 1st off really cool game (I don't wanna assume BUT) love the Resident Evil 7 vibe that you have going/went for. All around this demo was really nice; tho I did get a little lost. REGARDLESS fun fun fun... oh hope you don't mind me posting this here & on GameJolt as well. 

Gotta say though I don't know if you can "win" I sure as hell had a fun time fucking around with this Red Fridge or as I called him GARRY!! 

No problem, thanks for the experience. 

Not bad, though feel that some of the jumps felt a little cheap, the atmosphere non the less was nice. Not nice but horrific still it was a fun little experience.

Gotta say not exactly what I expected when jumping into the game but non the less I did enjoy the 20 minutes I spent playing it. 

Cool little demo/game, honestly I always love the whole P.T concept so I love seeing it whenever people make it. If anything I'm kinda surprised you didn't throw in any jump scares; regardless FUN. 

Honestly for what it is I fucking loved this, the only downside is that it's so short. But regardless I loved what you had here. 

Really cool Visual Novel, honestly the only complaint I have is that it could use some more ambience noise/music. But yea other then that fun fun ride. 

Not going to lie it was a nice small little adventure to say the least, truth be told I don't know much about the SCP lore/world/game BUT I did have fun + you fucking got me with the jumpscares not going to lie.

Glad to see that it's finally out & god was it great & just like the 1st 2 episodes the atmosphere was GREAT. Only negatives I would give is A. the ending felt a little Anti Climatic & B. though I like the chapter system it feel unnecessary especially with how short the episode is. Regardless it was a fun hour nonetheless.

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Hiya 1st OFF!! Loved "My Beautiful Paper Smile" so it was a real treat to play something related to it come out & tho short was still very very FUN!! Also I hope you don't mind me posting here & on Gamejolt, if you do then say the word & I'll remove it but yea fun game. 

Cool game, I did have it crash on me 5 times cause the graphics were too low which was weird; regardless though I did enjoy it. 

Tho I haven't played the entire game, the 50 min's I did put into it was very fun & enjoyable. Granted I love Visual Novels but regardless cool game. 


I hate you haha.

Hiya just wanted to say what a beautiful game you have here. From the art style to the music it's all pretty cool; also sorry if I kept singing a few times tbh I couldn't help it.  

I mean it was fun; I wanted to at least do a quick 2nd run & screw around a little. Cool product & I wish you the best of luck on whatever you work on next.

Hello late as always I am BUT this was a cool game, I did beat the whole thing & honestly it scared me pretty well tbh. Truth be told the large amounts of text did annoy me a little  won't lie but still it was fun or should I say scary. 

HIYA now despite me being mad due to my stupidity I did enjoy the time I put into the game, also SORRY IF I WAS BEING A BIT OF A DICK. I'm just a AH also slight temper due to my stupidity again BUT... it was fun non the less. 

Yea I saw ending's & was like "well I got the good one so that's enough for me" haha good try on the 1st try let's goooo. But yea it was cool experience to play through.

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HELLO, cool game you got here; it gave me "GTA Vice City" & "Jet Set Radio" vibes from it style which is cool. 

Hiya (I know I'm late to this SHHHHHH) just wanted to say this is a very sweet game & I had fun walking down the forest & talking shit to Grandma haha. But no very lovely game & I had fun with it.