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I have finally got around to playing the full 1st chapter & got man is it something. I've always been interested in the art style alone everything is actually amazing. I can not WAIT for Chapter 2 when it eventually releases

This is certainly a game & I made a video playing this game... It was something.

For a small/short game it's was honestly pretty fun to dick around in while exploring a clothes shop. 

Finally got around to playing the full release of this & god was it horrifying. Honestly I loved/hated it from start to end; the way the atmosphere was done as well as just the over looming dread that hanged over was truly terrifying. 

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I know I'm like 3 months late to the party but regardless I'm here to spread the word haha. No tho I really enjoyed this entire game & it was well worth the wait.

Gotta Say though I didn't have enough time to go through all the endings the 3 - 4 that I did see was just SO GOOD!! I absolutely loved this & I can't wait for the full release of this gem.

Gotta say all around I really did love this game through & through due to how scary it really was as well as STRESSFUL!! 

I enjoyed this cute little flame as he ran for his life or died. Seriously thought this was good and pretty unique, cool game. 

Gotta say in terms of art style and gameplay I actually do dig this concept (feels very similar to say Fnaf 4 or Five Night's At Candy 3). The gameplay isn't bad I will say it's a little annoying not having any so of info on what to do especially with the 2nd encounter. And it would be SO NICE to have more options and maybe a counter at the top right/left telling you how long you have to survive. Ignoring that tho not bad.

Gotta say I really loved this concept/demo. I know it's more of a climbing game but as a fan of parkour in general I absolutely loved this. Also I really apricate the fact that you can turn the Ui off to have a more immersive experience as well as a difficult 1 haha. Cool game & I can't wait to see the full version of it. 

100% Had to play this because of the meme's & god it actually was pretty entertaining. Also I'm glad it's not an actually FNAF fan game & more or less something different> Regardless this was fun to experience and I wish you luck on your next project. 

Just like "Wrong Floor" I must say I hated this in every single way. Do wanna say despite how much this game makes my skin crawl the environmental atmosphere is really good. No hate to other Horror games, but there defiantly aren't many Horror games that are this good at keeping such a intense feeling of dread. The only other game I can think of that does this well is probably "Forgotten Tunnels". Regardless though I enjoy this & I wish you luck on turning this into a full fletch game.

Idk if I forgot to response to this which if I did sorry but don't worry I already have. Also sorry to hear about the issue with the launch hopefully you can get that resolve & keep the name of the company. Regardless tho like many other ppl I am wishlisted & eagerly awaiting the release :)

OK I have finally finished it & GOD is there so much I wanna talk about.

1st the characters are just great even the ones I hate. I gotta say in stories it's easy to make a shit character that everyone hates but just like to make them so rotten while also being "innocent" as well in terms of how they act around others to is so good (as well as frustrating of course). Like my hate for cerise & Eva never left & tho I was looking for to the revenged it felt very uncomfortable which is just interesting to me

Which before I get into the ending I gotta say it's quite impressive how uncomfortable this entire game was like I enjoy it of course. But as the days rolled by my anxiety as well as uncomfortably just kept rising & rising.

Also speaking of the ending I was very scared that I was going to get blue ball in the sense that they would just leave the island & never come back but on no no revenge came. Also that last bit with Grace was both unexpected as it was just interesting to see. Don't know if that was for tying up loose ends story wise or setting up for a sequel but regardless I enjoyed it

& the visual too was great to look at. I know this isn't too important but still like I love it when VN choose a diff approach to it visual. From the painted background which could be a reference to the fact that Magda loves to paint to the drawn scene it just mashes surprising well. VN like this, "Hike Back", & "The Elevator Game With Girls" feel like they'll stick out more due to the choice of visual & I honestly I hope more ppl do explore this cause god was it great.

Regardless tho this was fun. I'm going to miss this game & whether or not you make a sequel to it this will definitely be a VN I remember. Sorry if my thoughts are all over the place I'm a mess when it comes to writing/typing.

But yea this was fun, thanks for making such a gem of a game & I hope more ppl play it. Bye bye & I look forward to what you make next :)

I will

Though I haven't finished the entire game of the time of me posting this the 3 hours I have played was Fantastic. I love the characters & the dynamic as well as the just premise I guess. Regardless this fun & I can't wait to finish it. 

1st off I've loved this entire experience it's been very fun being MAD WITH LUST!! But also I didn't know that you guys were also the creators from CHROMATOSE very strange/cool Regardless tho this was fun & I'm excited for when CHROMATOSE or whatever else you guys work on comes out.

I haven't played the full version/extension of this but damn this was silly fun. Though the slight very slight horror aspect are nice It's just really fun fucking around with this beautiful green lady who will kill us all. 

Gotta say despite the fact that I don't really enjoy themes around hospitals or things that involve messing with bodies cause it makes me squeamish I did really enjoy this. The atmosphere was dope stuff cool i guess, some jump scares felt cheap not going lie but ignoring me just being a dick I liked this. 

Though I wasn't entirely sure what was going on I still enjoy the journey this had to offer & I did like the feeling on just not know what the fuck was going on. 

Gotta say I really digged this odd, bizarre game. I mean it's good great I love the atmosphere but my god is it something.

Gotta say I actually really enjoy this like; there's just something fun about small games like this where I don't have to take it seriously & can just goof around & also just this was FUN. Now if you don't mind me I have to go back to checking my li- HEY SIR YOUR ARE NOT ON THE LIST!! 

Gotta said not playing the previous game did cause me to be hella confuse but regardless this was a fun experience.

Really like the vibe that this has; gotta say the binder tutorial isn't 100% clear though I am a dum dum so maybe that was just me. IGNROING THAT THO I liked this; can't wait for the full product. 

Gotta say I was really curious how this game would transition to a full game concept wise & I gotta say this really does remind me alot of "Joy Of Creation" which is pretty neat tbh. 

Gotta say really cool game, I haven't played the entire thing yet but the little bit I have played I must say I love. Especially the whole early bits with text idk why I just found it oddly fun & exciting tbh 

Gotta say I hated it in everyway possible (in a good way of course). I only p.t style games & this 1 was fun.

Tho I never really played any of the Fanf games or fan games this was really fun. Tbh I know some people might see it as an easy expreicne due to the fact that the game gives yous a few chance to recover/not die but I really appreactate the lenient nature of this. Again this was FUN!! 

Gotta say I've never been interested in the concept of meat cake but after playing I'm defiantly confident that mean cake may not be for me... also cool game.

Gotta say tho there isn't too much in this demo I still loved it. The only question I have/wonder is what type of horror game this will be. I can't tell if this will be a survival Horror like RE or more in the vain of maybe Outlast. Regardless FUN FUN FUN!!

Tho this was short & in some aspects didn't have too many options when it came to paths still I love this & GOD IS BARRET ADORBLE!! 

Really cool; I love visual novels & horror games so seeing both combined into 1 is FUN!!

Gotta say I HATED THIS for all the right reasons of course. God this was scary; tbh I haven't had this feeling since I played "The Forgotten Tunnels" all in all tho... good jib. 

Gotta say tho I wasn't expecting much coming into it it got me good plus the umm "cough demon dog cough" was... interesting to say the least BUT good good. 

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Gotta say this was pretty cool. I really like the concept of replaying over & over while slowly getting more options at hand. The only thing that kinda confused/annoy me was the fact that the driver = me & stranger = you (nvm the naming thing makes more sense the longer you play so I take this complaint back). Just seemed confusing when I was getting dialogue from both at the same time tbh. Other then that I loved it every step of the way. 

Gotta say I really like this; the only real complaint I had was that it was kinda hard to tell when his was on the upper floor or lower floor. If it case of "I'm bad" then nvm but if it's not then it should be work on otherwise it might feel a little BS tbh. Regardless tho FUN FUN FUN!! 

Tho it was sadly short I had a lot of fun screwing around in this little game of yours.

Coffee Coffee but no this was pretty cool ngl I enjoyed it, what I did not enjoy was getting jump scare FOR  GETTING THE PASSWORD WRONG!! Great idea, hate that I didn't know regardless FUN.

As a tycoon style game must say I do LOVE THIS. Pretty cool; tho I haven't done the "endgame" yet I still had fun with the hour that I spent messing around in it.