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I've been excited about this game ever since you announced it coming out, especially because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I've only played Mick's route so far (and got the bad end 馃槶馃槶), but it's been amazing!

Maia is an interesting MC, especially with her struggles of feeling like a side character. Out of the three protagonists, she is the most similar to me (personality wise and with the thing for blonde guys) . In her relationships with the other non-LI characters, you get the sense of her being well-loved and connected with the world you created.

As for the love interests, Liam seems interesting but after that rejection, I have to leave him for last 'cause oof that was rough (not to mention relatable)... Garret seems like an absolute sweetheart and I'm going after him next, he will most likely be my favorite. Mick caught my eye because of the hot and cold thing, I figured out pretty quickly what was going on, but it was funny watching Maia be clueless. The dream sequences were one of the best parts, even though they felt a bit invasive at times, especially with how much Mick beats himself up in them. It was a good thing that Maia doesn't remember the dreams but the players do.

Will there be a guide coming out soon? This is my first time playing without one, and I have to say I'm struggling.

Thank you for making such a funny and interesting game (the manager is my favorite side character, what a guy), sending you all my love 馃拰馃拰馃拰

Made an account so I could comment here. This demo was amazing, I enjoyed it so much!! The premise is unique, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story will go. The RO are all interesting, although Alasdair has been my favorite so far. Even though he makes me a bit suspicious...The soundtrack is good, and the GUI is one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in a visual novel. All things considered, this is an amazing demo, and I can't wait to see more from you!