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how would a website be only for males??? like wth does this mean

damn you rlly made the fact that you accidently typed something into something rlly deep

edited versions, plus some more ppl!! names left to right are love, eveline, alex, olivia, elenoir, will and kisha

thank you!!

also! if ur reading this check the scarf things!! there superrr cute accessories if you wanna add just a little spice to an outfit but are stuck on what to do! i dont see many people using scarf stuff and it kinda upsets me lmao

tbh the face for the last one looks a bit weird, and i have no idea why lel, but still v cute

the hairs this mod adds are the cutest thing ever kinda wish regular gacha had hairs w/ that quality

made the first one on nox, the rest are remaking my other ocs on nox(last one is def my fav)

im clicking the black box, pressing random buttons on my keyboard but it wont start, how tf do i start the actual game?

Yeah, I did that, it didn't work, it just didn't update

I can't move on, I have figured out where the key is, I have put it in the cupboard, but I just can't move on, it doesn't know that I did that so it just says it's still locked!

Please help!

Nothing was there

I will try looking through hidden files, by using Run

I have looked everywhere, read almost every file, have not found it, reopened the game a couple times, doesn't show any sign of having a new file added

Spoilers(Not too far into)

Where Is the Key file located? I have searched everywhere!