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he should be outside the townhall during curfew. you need the suit on as well.

omg i'm dumb

I've commented here before, and I was curious about something. Is there gonna be a choice to go back to a club in the future? I understand you most likely have to get all the clubs set up in order to make this happen, but I'd like to know if you want to add that in the future. Ciao for now!

i am very confused, how do i get into the cave? the only way i can think of is blocked off, and i feel like it's very easy i'm just missing something somewhere.

I'm not sure if this is intentional (I don't think it is) but the background characters have blue skin. I'm sure it's just "I don't have the models complete" but I'd like to know why this is the case. A fun game, however, and I'm excited for future updates!

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So, I'm having an issue with starting up the game

IDK what it means or how to fix it

It's saying "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game"

When you launch the game, you should just be able to click load and choose the save that you want to continue on

When you're in game, you click "Menu" in the top left of the window and go to "Load" and choose your save file from there

at least you're working hard to make your release great. i hope that it turns out as a great release

aherm. ahehehem

Alright, if anyone has this happen, just hit space bar. Fix that maybe, if you can.

I can't start the game. I try to press the A key for the verification, but neither that or the X key work. Only ESC works, which does not let me continue to the game. I also re-downloaded the game to see if that would help, but it did not help at all. Does this happen to anyone else?

Is there gonna be some way to recharge the special attack soon?