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I don’t really play games on my laptop anymore but by the time 1.6 comes out ill be dead

stop going around and saying low end pc

i have 3.6 gigahertz stfu

i have 3.6 gigahertz stfu

Love the artstyle! 9.7/10 would definitely would consider playing again :D

i mean that random tposing guy is supposed to be lebron?

no offense but this game is terrible. i tried it a year ago and remember how bad it was

good game but really laggy

I was gonna play. But I’m a huge pussy

yES FINALLY back to pc gaming. New pc. New me anyway coming back to this night shift is so scary I can’t feel finish it lol. It’s good to be back in the itch community

me when new gaming pc 

im back boi new gaming pc on christmas the laptop struggle is over after 8 months

this game is amazing

i perfer nesquik

Im back. My pc isnt lagging but now its loud may god during this crappy quarantine

i mean i hate this version. everywhere you walk theres a lag spike. btw im on  ryzen 5 and gtx 1050. and the game is so hard. i want version 1.3 or 1.2 its easier and smoother RESPOND DEADLYCROW. RESPOND

ok so i have amd ryzen 5 3550h and gtx 1050 vs gtx graphics/external and 1600x900 and 1920x1080 get 30 fps. is there a fix. idk if my gaming laptop has a performance degrade. this laptop is only 2 months old so this shouldnt be the case.

is there any way to download the old versions?

ADKAKDMAKDMA HOW????????!!@!!@!

i played the steam version...... and then i needed new underwear

just download this from steam its faster

captain crunch, momo,spongebob, now this shitpost?

and i meant ryzen 3550h

ok this is my final lag comment on this page

hi i just want to say for no reason this game is nearly unplayable. im on amd ryzen 5 3500h. and geforce gtx 1050. and high performance nvidia processor. and when i first got my pc for christmas this ran flawless and SMOOOTH. but then the next day. it started to slow down a bit. if any of you have any help tell me. and yeah i didnt do any mental or physical damage to the pc.

ok that sentence made no sense

i just came here to say. im a patreon now. these games are amazing. keep it up puppet combo <:3

HOLY SHAT. THIS GAME IS AWESOME. but for real thanks for creating this hell of a masterpiece. would be nice if 1920X1280 or 1600X900 resolutions ran better. but still amazing and addicting and creep

no its laggy as ass

not like very easy like easy and hard mixed up

yeah that was impressive of you. but. the game is really hard. can you make it a bit easier?

:O i hear it. its that commerical but a little disorted!

but whats the song that you "spiced up" called

hes a big chunky boi

fun game! but what the hell is the menu music

ok they got fixed

the puppet combo one is 96x better

ok so the game dosent run at 20 fps. it runs at 35.but the mouse is also really weird. im still gonna fix it