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Cant wait for more Parker days :P

Played a few Visual Novels and i have to say this game is really really good.
I cant wait for a new update this game has potential :)
Favourite Character is the bear cant remember the name as i play some games like this and mix up names ^^
GJ Keep up the good work.
I just hope u add some animation to the characters as emotions, smiles, in generell the face etc,

Stupid question^^ what is Patreon exactly ? :D

I have a question what happens if but the game via PC but i want to play the game on my phone as well. Do i have to buy it twice ? 

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I played any of those 5 datable Characters through :D
And played Grifter Dozer and Spencer twice cant wait for more characters / Updates keep up the good work! Dyne

And btw isnt it possible to make a discord server for the game ?

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This game is actually extremly good ! :) Keep up the good work !
Hopefully there will be more characters and maybe even a really chubby one :D
I was never interested in those just read and click games but this is aweseome :)