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You can make a 1000x1000 ship now too.Just go into mods and turn on the 1000x1000 build area.

Can't actually pus the red button cause it doesn't let me.So you win anyways.

Yes I know but we can still leave feedbacks and think about what's coming to the game.

Ok thanks so much.

Awesome game and hoping for a multiplayer in the finished game.Probably put like 9-10 hours into the game so far.

I would like to see CO-OP with keyboard too.

Basically the Normal ones move faster and have more battery so they don't need to be recharged as often as the Crude ones.

To be honest when I first started I didn't even know how to start then suddenly I knew everything.This game has a lot of potential,for example:CO-OP,Multiplayer (might be laggy),Horde mode (for this one guard robots should be added and archer or something,enemies attack you at night),Base vs Base (might be laggy as well),giant robots? that would be cool,and basically anything else you can imagine.Comment down below to share even more ideas with other people!

I don't know how to do that or if that is even possible in the current game right now.If yes please tell me.

I kinda feel like they are already planning a story but i would really like the story,also will there be an endless horde mode or something? or a co-op horde mode with another person/friend?

I actually had an idea where you are 1v1 or Co-op in horde mode but the 1v1 is kinda like power ups not upgrades and horde mode is upgrades and less power ups.