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why does the screen cut out rather than getting worse? even fading in and out would be better. this was alot of fun but then it ended with no warning just as it was getting difficult.

90% of my shots dont hit

headshots with a sniper are not a 1 shot kill

aiming with the bow is impossible 

add crosshair for bow when aiming

spawning between all the enemies

headshots dont one shot


it told me to make a iron sword. so i switch to sword, (says sword at the top) grab the iron, put it in the furnace, go put the stick on the table, and the furnace pops out an axe blade and it ended my 6 streak and it was set to sword

okay awesome thanks for the quick reply. i will get it out as soon as i can 


i saw your game while browsing for a game to play for youtube and i was wondering if i can link the video here once i am done? i am fine if not i just wanna ask because i do not wanna just assume if i can (even if i cannot i am still gonna record it cause this looks like a fun game lol)

i am so looking forward to hacking this game..

lol jkjk

can you make it have touch controls?

well lol I have intel celron 2.16 GHz, 4GB RAM, and 64mb VRAM.. and then intel HD graphics

what are your recommended specs? Or have you not tested it with muultiple computers yet?