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i lucked my way through the maze lol dont know how i madde it through

It was pretty good the tv was a really cool momemt

had some fun even spooked my out a bit lol

um was toasted pretty bad so idr what i said probably not good but probably didnt mean it. lol

pretty good for 10 days and one person

they voices were fun was having a hard time remembering the codes cause they wouldn't shut up lol

really fun something i haven't played before.

This is a great game, really fun.

great game had alot of fun more to come great work.

very fun great design but Rage inducing lol

had a great time nice work.

very fun throwback had a great time took foever to figure out the second puzzle but i did it lol great job

yea lol

Had Fun

pretty cool i made some gameplay of this.

loved it period.

Great game made a four part series with it here is part 1.

Epic i want more lol

Super epic gameplay loved playing this can't wait for more.

Great game epic scares loved every minute of it.

very fun love it so far.

enter hallway

Cool game had a great time playing creepy as hell for a text game.