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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the information!

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I really recommend this if you'd like a fun twist on chess!

I just finished my first game. It was really fun. The Squires are a really cool new piece, and the rook swapping was mind blowing. It was different but I was still able to use a lot of what I've learned about chess to play which felt really good. And the match making worked! I'm super impressed.

Two things I wish I had several times while I was playing I hope it's ok for me to write here:

- I would like to be able to drag the board to a different view and it stay there.

- I would like to be able to see piece move previews when it isn't my turn and for my opponents pieces.

I really liked it and I would like to play it again!

Oh wow. I'm so glad to hear that!

This game was so cute! I loved the music and the writing and all the cute little ghosts. Great job! I played it on stream if it's helpful to you or anyone thinking about playing.

I loved playing this game. It was really challenging and engaging. I loved the art and Willo is so cute. I played this on stream and made a highlight. Here it is if it's helpful to you or anyone who wants to play!

This game was really unique and had a great sense of foreboding. Really recommended! I played it on stream and made a highlight if it's helpful to you or anyone thinking about playing.

This game was interesting. I liked the puzzles. The art was cool. I like the concept and I was legit scared. I played it on stream and made a highlight if it's helpful to you at all.

This game legit scared me! It was really fun and creepy and I really enjoyed the art. I played it on my stream and made a highlight. Thanks for making it.

This was really fun to play! Really excited to see what comes next! The constrained color palette is really stunning. I love the stars and the music and everything.

This is amazing. It's like horror Wario Ware. What an amazing contribution.

Legit disturbing. The game art especially.

What a great twist. Reminds me a lot of a Goosebumps story or a one of the creepier endings from a choose your own adventure book. Great job.

I can't launch the game is this a known bug? I'm on windows 10

I did get legit scared a couple times. It's a really cool idea! Great job!

Thanks. That means a lot to me. I didn't share things I wrote with people for a long time because I didn't think it was very good, so it's really nice of you to say that.

Thank you! I'm feeling very inspired to keep working on the game.

Thanks Lopar! That's very encouraging. I appreciate you saying that.

That was a lot of fun! I would definitely play this a few times to get a high score.

Humorous and true. I love how you executed it too. I'm not familiar with that program but it's super cool. Good job!!!

That was a neat idea!

This is so great! I would totally run something like this after my stream.

I appreciate this entry a lot. It was both personal and deeply relatable for me. (I am also a millennial who has been using tik tok since before quarantine and appreciate all these kids)

Thanks for your vulnerability and your humor.

This was really great. I love it that the credits were educational. This seems really valuable.






I think I found an easter egg?

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My time was 236.

It's funny. While I was playing I thought the character was a little mouse with a sword. I didn't realize what the sprite actually was until this screen, haha.

It was fun. It definitely made me analyze the words better.

I love space and stars. The little star with the trail effect is really cute! Would definitely keep me entertained for a few minutes.

The glowing effect of the letters you connect looks really good, and the type effects on the letters breaking apart and forming. Good job!

It's cool how you built this into your game!

This was fun! It was a little difficult to read the letters at first but I love the concept. Great job. The little people/monsters have fun profiles too.

Can't wait!

Haha. I'll tell Marcy to get right on that.


This is pretty fun. It's simple but enjoyable.