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It is definitely obtainable~ Be nice to him! If you still dunno:


Don't pick up the pen for him (if you do, it unlocks the ability to get his first bad ending, and screws you over for his good ending if you don't go for the bad ending)

Don't accuse them of manipulating Neo

Don't say his ability is unfair

that's all! thanks for playing, hope this helps :) <3

Heya, thanks for playin! I've fixed the problem, should be working now. Thank you for letting me know :D

Aww, thank you so much!! QwQ <3

Thank you so much for your comment! I haven't done a drawing for Will's good ending TwT maybe in the future- and maybe I'll even flesh out the stories haha~ But I'm happy you enjoyed it as it is right now <3

I counted the endings where they reject you, so you've pretty much got em all! Thank you for playing :)

Ay, thank you, I will add the warning;; and yes, it's meant to be a little messed up- Thank you for playing, I hope you still enjoyed it a bit :)

Thank you for playing! To get Will's good ending, try to avoid doing the things he asks you to do ;)

Interesting... This was really something! The experience was really well made, and I think it captures the truth of things well. Thank you for making this... It was really nice :)