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We'll surely do! Thanks for your kind feedback :) We're happy you took fun playing PitB!

You're right mate. This doesn't prevent you from finishing the game, but takes away a useful suggestion. We fixed it in code, we'll probably release a fix with this soon.

Thank you! Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing it on YouTube! :)

Hey mate, glad you liked it! :)

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Hi Paul! :) Thanks for endorsing PITB on your channel :)
We are curious too, how many have you found, people?

Also, anyone found the Easter Egg?

Thank you dude, honoured you decided to feature our little game on your channel!

Looking people playing it is teaching us a lot on how to properly balance puzzles so they are challenging but fair and not punishing. We have a long way to go on that, but we'll surely do our best to get better!

Wow thanks for your nice words! :)

Of course we'll to more! Stay tuned.

Thanks for the kind words, dude! We'll surely do our best with the next game!

Wonderful! We would have contacted you to bring the game to your attention but... wow! :D

Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful, thanks for you support! :) We hope we'll enjoy this as much as we enjoyed creating it!