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I could not find it anywhere in the client/app, but I did visit the PowerTheGrid page on in my browser, and there was the rating link there :-) I was also able to "Add To Collection". The app/client is rather new, so clearly is missing some features.

Thanks so much! 

I am quite new to using How do I leave a rating for your game, please? :-) 

Power The Grid community · Created a new topic Pause?

Hello! I am loving this game. Simple, but challenging. However, the lack of a pause button is very frustrating! I seem to be doing well-ish, but then something will distract me from the game such as my animals or a Facebook message, so I move away from the window, only to return to see the game over screen! :-( This is quite upsetting, given the fact that I then have to start from the very beginning, and go through the tutorial all-over-again. Doh! Other-than-that, great job! :-) 

A good concept, but I think perhaps I am doing something wrong? I cannot seem to make any profit, just loss...

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I am loving this game, but not a fan of the fact that it is so difficult to save. I lost much of my progress.

Unfortunately I found this very, very repetitive. After a few in-game "days" I had to uninstall as I felt it was going nowhere.