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Thank you @pixelprophecy - I can´t wait to let you guys play the first demo!!!

Awesome. I have sent you a friend request

Ok this might be very handy! Great extension. Are you a freelance developer (in clickteam fusion) - I´d maybe have some tasks I can´t handle. Let me know please (I followed you on twitter as well btw ^^)


Oh wow that sounds awesome!!!

Oh that hit me, man! What an awesome twist. I´m not gonna spoil anything here, but I love it! Thx for creating this game!

Ok now THIS  is really one awesome concept! Love your #LudumDare entry!

Hello world!

Ahhh! Awesome! Will check this out!

What does "scoping" mean or do?

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The Windows build (exe) seems to be broken. Sorry guys!
You can play the game in your browser now (html5):

Game page (itchio):

Direct link (html5):

You can play the game now in your browser (html5)

Thx for your comment. The game is made with fusion - thats a well known issue - the game should run though when you hit "Run Anyway". But let me try to create a simple hmtl5 file for you guys. I will upload it later to my page! Hope that works and helps!


So glad you liked it! Check out the Steam page for more updates! And put the game on your wishlist if you want to :)

Hi everyone!
I´m gonna move to #Steam soon! Wohoo! But no worries!!! The game will stay free. I will keep you guys updated!

You´re doing a fantastic job here! Never forget that! Awesome! Cant wait to play your game!

Wow this is epic! Thank you so much! I would love to see some californian spots like the redwoods or venice beach handcrafted with your awesome skills! Thank you so much!

Oh wow - honestly! You are creating this on your own? Ok... now this is UEBER impressive now! Fantastic job!
And you are absolutely right: its done when its done! Take your time and I can already see that it will be 1 fantastic game!

I am working on #SpaceCowboy since many years on my own as well - and I just love working on the game without any stress because of a release date :)

Absolutely! For what I´ve seen so far its one fantastic love letter to one of my fav. games of all time (Metroid III). Maybe i overread it somewhere, but do you know when you guys will finish the full game?

Ok wow! This looks 1st impressive 2nd very promising and 3rd... I NEED TO DOWNLOAD THAT DEMO!

Thank you so much! 

Thank you. I will try my best :)

The new Demo is nearly finished! And its a big one!


Fantastic idea! I loved to play and explore the sun system. I love the style as well. Only 1 thing: you got the same sound for positive and negative effects! I would use 2 different ones. one for negative (too close to sun) one for positive (get h2o).
all the best

Excelent work so far!! :)

Wow! This looks absolutely impressive!!

I am so hungry!

No problem at all. There will be an updated Demo version this week btw. (Demo for Windows PC again)

Since you write "tap" I assume you are trying this on a smartphone / tab? This Demo is a Windows PC Standalone file (exe).

Hi SupernaturalFan! Jürgen from ILIKESCIFI Games here - let me please help you. Can you specify your problem? What happens when you try to open the file? Is the game crashing? Sometimes deactivating your Antivirus helps to open an exe file. But just let me know what the problem looks like.

Thank you so much! I also really enjoy this series since... since always it seems :) I hope I can work more on this game this year! I will keep you updated!

It´s here! The Demo 3.5 with a ton of new features and updates! #AKF #SPN

I´m working BIGTIME on the 3.5 DEMO. Stay tuned for 1 last day guys! #AKF

I´m working BIGTIME on the 3.5 DEMO. Stay tuned for 1 last day guys! #AKF

There will be a new DEMO VERSION tomorrow!!! #SPN #AKF

I dont know who build this rawg page - it´s not from us :) - WE are still developing. But stick to the itchio page for news. All the best, Jot from ILIKESCIFI Games

300 Episodes! Wow! Just wow!

Hey Gravity One! Thx for your awesome video! Am I allowed to re-post it on FB and Twitter and maybe on my Patreon page: ? I am currently working on a new, more advanced version in which you can actually hit the hell hound ^^