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I like the idea of the game, although it was a little difficult to navigate because it was very easy to get stuck in various places in the map. The idea of the game is really nice, relating to the real world of how trans people can easily be put down by comments yet built up by uniting with other people. Eventually, they will reach a point where they are satisfied with themselves, and even when they are hit with something negative their emotional state will not break. 

I love the idea of this game, and how original this is. It was so deep and it made me feel better each time I corrected each “mistake.” The message of this game could definitely be applied to my real life, and I think it’s important that we translate all the hateful things, whether we say it to ourselves or someone says it to us, to love and truth. It’s important to write a love letter for ourselves, and this game allows us to find the beauty and truth in an insult.

This game was really cute! I loved the background music, the pictures, and the cute moments. I felt my heart flutter with the character, it was just so well written in such a real conversation that this game was so romantic and sweet. This gave such good vibes!

This is a very unique game! I felt the anxiety in the text as the character was moving around, and the tough message of the game contrasted with the adorable avatar and colorful rooms, which was very effective in conveying this topic. This game was very well made.