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This is dainty and it deserved to be fully developed on mobile platforms!

The game is nicely crafted and the artistic direction has character.

Yet, it is a game which is sometimes mimicking, you can feel some influences too much (hello Midona), and both the scenario and the colours system lack some wit. I believe you took the Plutchik wheel as a reference? It should remain a ref, not a pattern to stick with.

Cool trailer also, well organised!

The game really is beautiful, it is poetic and it actully tells (/"tales") a lot! :)
I had some camera issues, but still it was a good experience :)
Keep up the good work guys!

"Attention Whore Simulator"
Couldn't play the game in a proper way but the concept is utterly awesome in itself! :D


Great game actually! The neon lights system is pretty cool and smart. I didn't feel any tension with the character though, maybe he should disagree, be afraid or get angry. English at least plz :)

The level design is pretty cool also, with a good pace: some irony in the beginning, rotating things, a puzzle on several walls and this awesome part where you can see your objectives as well as the monster. Had some funny moments (and some issues with the camera). I hope the monster's gonna be improved though (animation and rounds) :) And why not two of them? :D

Also, maybe some corridors are too squarish and empty but I think you guys already planned to make it more lively. As for the artistic direction, go get to the bottom of it! :)
Nice demo version, pretty clean! Well done.

Great ideas, still time to fix a few things and create some others. Looking forward to playing the full version!