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Hyao, can I ask something? 

Is there a way that I can play the version 0.25 or 0.27 , cause I can't play the version 0.31 with my save game from version 0.23, help please so I can play with my save game

*u add all character from the game u make into this game , I like it

I love this game. Can't wait to see more pics and fight ,  and i complete chapter 4 , I see the patreon version and I add all character from u make to this game , and its cool I wanna see what will be next 💕 good work caesarcub ;)

Okay thanks I will try more ,cause I just meet werewolf in wolf den ,is there any specific require to meet alpha wolf ? Like a quest or something ? 

How can I fight with alpha ? I need the fluids :'3

Okay hehe 😘

Finish him with fight or submit? :3 thanks I will try again

How to get wererat going home prison , I have rodent lure 7 I use it but how to catch wererat ? Anyone have know?

Hyao how can I make rodent lure 

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i hope there is more story for Duncan and about the missing part past picture that ... :3 , and i hope there way to get scene with boss :3 ..... i loves the story and the cute character too

i hope u can make scene where the bartender meet wererat and got together , and preview art of zoroj , actualy it would be a great scene :3 ,   i hope u make it , stay healthy Hyao :>

or maybe some people not save from Northcrest bandit :3 just inspired u hyao maybe can help :>

i hope next update in cave there is monster bigfoot , it will be nice maybe i think :3 , i'll go for it , amazing game ever i had

omg i love the story , and i have beat scar and tank with teasing all , this game amazing when i fight the boss scar the bandit come too wow , and scar have a secret about his stuff omg nice , i hope next update will have a new character and more new place like northcrest where is it .. :3 amazing game i have  

aww i got it dude :3 , im very close with this , cute draw and i love ur games :3 , i hope u make a next game , and i hope that you are healthy and ready to make another game :3

i hope me and the ranger can find out the bigfoot and have a good stuff hehe , i hope u update it 

amazing game , i have many picture now hehe , love the story and character looking so good 

this game amazngly good , the bonus picture too damn good , loving this game and character looking so good hope next update

Okay thanks i'll try it , np before me too cant see full messages

How can i get scene with drunkard In public bath i have try again and again just showing stranger , is there a task or what to get scene with drunkard?

Yes i mean the picture hehe , okay i'll wait for it


Yes i try it and success to fight the fat bandit , but can u make scene fight like bandit or wereworlf , it Will nice , maybe next update can see fat bandit fight scene with me ? I Will wait for the next update or maybe i can play Patton update to see hehe  

when can i fight with fat bandit ? i have waited and try in the track but just bandit come out , is there a quest to fight fat bandit ?