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oh hell yeah, it' back

Didn't find anything major besides some ocasional clipping (happened to me like 3 times in the wall jump tutorial) and sometimes the song not looping well.

Great job so far!

Can't wait for some fixes, the presentation is just top notch.

great game

Backloggd core

really good

This is a really really interesting idea, how I wish discovered this game sooner.

What a really wonderful read

what a trippy game, loved it

This is absolutely incredible, simply the best type of visual pollution.

absolutely stylish

This was really cool, thanks for taking your time doing it.

The atmosphere feels way more intense when compared to that gba-like style, this is really cool.

Hey temmie this was a really cool slice of life game, left me wondering what's next.
Keep up with the great work.

Didn't knew this existed until today, what a great tool.

Thanks man!
It will be updated later on.

Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
The controllers are shown on screen in the middle to right corner, unless it's a resolution error, in which case I'm sorry it wasn't being displayed.

Hi there! Im also looking a team, I would like to use this Jam to train my programming skills. Hit me up on discord if you wanna team up:
Birb Coxinha#8429

thank you for this abomination

What a lovely town

cute and beautiful at the same time

This looks really really good, hope to see more from it.