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Hey JakeSimmer,

I'm sorry for the late response. I haven't been on itch for a while..
I'm very glad that you like the game and that you have some good feedback for the game. We know that the game has its fair share of issues and a lot of missing features...

However, I'm very sorry to inform you that the game is not in development anymore... It was a student project after all and the idea of continuing development was never certain.. The team split up by now and I don't actually have contact to some of them anymore. We all work in seperate studios on other stuff now. I will change the page description to mention that as I honestly just forgot to do so when things changed

Thank you very much for the feedback though and I honestly wish I could continue working on the game but that's just not possible anytime in the forseeable future...

Glad you liked it! :D

That was awesome. Got some goosebumps while playing! :'D

Really well done with the creepiness. The style probably even enhanced that!

Thanks a lot! We'll look into the crash after the game jam :D

Thank you very much! You're absolutely right we should have put that in-game but we ran out of time as we all had to get back to work today so we had to submit yesterday evening :D

That's cool! We tried to stay classic to stay absolutely save with copyright and so on but some sci-fi and fantasy would be nice for sure! ;)

Thanks a lot! We'll look into the crash :D

And hey again madogy,

thank you for your visual feedback as well. It seems as if some animation bugs or mistakes apply to this problem.

I think we will be able to fix it in the future.

Hey madogy again,

Thanks for your positive feedback. We are glad you had fun playing Oddly Assorted and are thrilled about the interest in future updates. Sadly I have to disappoint you in this. As I replied to your bug report we are currently occupied by another project and will (most likely) come back to Oddly Assorted in the future (sometime 2019).

Hey Jake again,

thanks for your idea. Sadly we do not have any social media presentation because there was no initial plan to publish the game. Nonetheless, due to the immense positive feedback we are more than willing to continue the work sometime in 2019. (I can't guarantee that though!)

Hey dcwatkins,

thanks for your feedback and sorry for the very late response. I just replied to treebird: we were able to include a lot of your feedback into our new version (released 30th Oct 2018). Nonetheless, the work is paused for now as we are occupied by another project.

The balancing and room diversity is just at the beginning and will be improved in (possible) upcoming releases.

We hope you had fun with the game!

Hey treebird,

thank you very much for your feedback. Since November 2018 a new version is available in which we were able to include most of your feedback.

The blue icon is most likely the demand for families which you can see in the upper-left corner. If the icon is displayed above the room you have no demand for families and have to pay for advertisement.

The other ideas will be included in a later version if we continue the work on Oddly Assorted. If so, then it will be in the midterm of the year.

Thanks again and I hope you had fun with the game.

Hey there JakeSlimmer,

thanks for your interest. We are good but occupied by another project at the moment. There are no specific plans concerning Oddly Assorted but we will come back to the game when we finished our current project.

I wish you a great game-full 2019 as well, and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Hey asian282,

sorry for the late response but sadly the game related team is occupied at the moment. Your reported bug was not found by now and we will come back to it when we finished our current project.

Thanks for your feedback!

The let's play was very enjoyable to watch - thanks for referring.

Hey madogy,

sry for the late response but our team is currently occupied by another project which we have to do. Nonetheless, we put your report into our bug list and will come back to it later.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hey coder2000,

I'm sorry for the late response. Sadly I have no good news for you. The development team is currently apart because we absolve our bachelor right now.

I will adress the bug as soon as possible.

Thanks for the report

Hey GrannyJo,

thanks for your video and the therein given feedback and observations. We enjoyed to watch it and we see that there are a lot of things we have to improve. Not that we weren't aware of this fact beforehand but you and others help a lot by discovering the problems in the game.

Thanks a lot :)

Hey NeonGoo,

thanks for your feedback. As you said it's more of a work around but we recognized that it's really important! We currently work on some first "tutorial" (so to say) instructions. Nothing too fancy - simply to get people to play the game without losing their money too fast.

And that is exactly what happened to you: You weren't able to place the rooms anymore because you had not enough money - at least we assume that because it happens to almost all play testers we were able to encourage to play locally.

The hovering was introduced for juiciness purposes but we are currently thinking about snapping it to the mouse position instead of slightly above the mouse position.

We try our best to make this game fun. And we really like to get your feedback. :D

In this thread you can post your thoughts about the gameplay.

Your feedback can be about the money, balance, prices, radii, time and speed, demand and requirements.

If you have other, not stated, feedback don't hesitate to post it here.

In this thread you can post feedback about the visuals in our game.

This includes:

  • Models
  • Light
  • Materials
  • UI
  • Colors
  • Sprites
  • Feedback
  • Animation
  • and more

Be aware!

The overall look of the game is fixed - please don't give feedback which requires a total rework of the style. All given things can still be changed though.

If you have post a screenshot to support your feedback (optional).

Oddly Assorted community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

In this thread we encourage you to post Bugs.

What to think about?

In order to process your bug related feedback as fast and best as possible it is desirable to follow the given guidelines:

  • Give it a name in form of a short description
  • Describe the problem you've encountered
  • If you found similarities with older runs post it.
  • If the bug is visually observable please try to capture it and post a screenshot.

Thank you