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Ika BakaKu

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wow these look amazing :D

I just wanted to inform you that this current zip is for the firebird. I redownloaded it when I saw it updated in my feed. However I noticed it was not enemy 2, but enemy 3 which is firebird... Now I have an item I did not purchase yet. :(

OMG I love this! So cute :D

Alright, thank you for the response :)

I always love seeing your new animation packages. Do you happen to take commissions?

Sorry for the super late reply with this url to my project. By time I got my channel ready for content, I forgot all about this, oops...

The Shaded Abyss content video

Ok, thank you very much for clarifying this. My game is very early development, so I can surely wait for the releases. Although if I am ever in dire need of anything sooner, it's nice to know I can always commission you. :)

Ooo shiny package, do you plan a 16 x 16 version at some point in time? (unless I missed it in your list) :)

I look forward to seeing them :)

Your icons are so beautiful. Any future plans to make more? Like for Wind Element, or Possible Icon sets for things like Blood, Time, Cosmic, or Charm Magic or maybe Class specific skill Icons? :)

These are amazing! I love they come with transparent background options to customize with! Thank you :D

Oh I definitely like this! Beautiful animations!

ok thank you for the response

Does this package have more icons than the humble package? I was gifted a humble icon package a year back by a friend, so now I'm curious.

Ooo more shiny Mana Sets! This one looks fantastic!

Ooo I like these! Perfect for my project as well! Great work! :)

I mostly post on my twitter or YouTube, nothing fancy yet, still early dev. I don't have a dedicated site for my game or steam yet, too early.

Thanks for the reply, this will be perfect for my project. Is there credit info given for those who wish to credit within the purchases? If not, should it just be your username? I like to credit all artists I use as much as possible. :)

This looks amazing, are modifications allowed after purchase incases of recolors, texture edits, etc if needing to make it match certain aspects of ones game when needed?

I love your work! Thank you so much, you're cutting my dev time with these sprites & they blend nicely with my own art. I look forward to future works. :)