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btw its connected to a server on turbowarp as well :)

yeah, I get what you mean.. I was using someone else's engine... didnt go good...

well to make custom cursors and stuff its hard


had trouble importing but its alr

You said My game is bad then why don't you create one better than mine?

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Can I please Use this for a Game Jam (PDA)?

yes very pog

K welcome

it is not a game engine but it is just an import from Kaboom in JavaScript

Thanks for the feedback will work on that btw the white outline is for accessibility reasons :D

ayyyeee Thanks :D

ayyyeee Thanks :D

Thanks will see it now!:D

Just posted a new version


ok if you say so... RICK ROLL VIRUS!   instructions are first extract the file then o to the folder DUNGREED supposed to be a free game then go to Dungreed file (DONT CLICK THE FOLDERS) And boom you ran the virus

yes but it can be deleted and only when you run it.....

try to make it a ladum dare


true, hey you wanna try out my rick roll virus...

I posted it in scratch my username is IK_Knight

thanks, it was by xX-artmake-Xx next time I will try to make better art using asesprite

I am doing heavy art rn

don't advertise tho

I made it to HTML5 and javascript my self because java script runs faster